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BIG MYTH: Workers Aren’t Quitting Over Values

BIG MYTH: Workers Aren’t Quitting Over Values

The bond between worker bees and corporate hive remains as sticky and sweet as ever.

10 hours ago

Burnout in Upper Management: Where’s The Exist, Ask C-Suite Executives

The Great Resignation showed the world that people are no longer willing to put up with unhealthy workplaces, and as…

4 days ago

Deloitte Survey Highlights Impact of LGBTQ Inclusion in the Workplace

Visible use of pronouns, employee resource groups (ERGs), and having allies support LGBTQ networks, made employees feel psychological safe about…

1 week ago

5 Ways the Emotion Wheel Can Help You Navigate Stressful Work Situations

Turn your emotion wheel around in a subtle manner while understanding and navigating your feelings around different situations at work.

1 week ago

Outlaw Discrimination on the Basis of Height and Weight Says New Jersey

The new bill has been proposed by Andrew Zwicker, a state senator representing Middlesex County, who recommends an amendment to…

2 weeks ago

The LGBTQ Wage Gap – Present and Rising

One in 10 LGBTQ people in the US admitted they had experienced workplace discrimination between 2020 and 2021. Experts believe…

2 weeks ago

7 Encouraging ‘Women in the Workplace’ Statistics

Mothers are at the top of this list because they work really hard and do their work perfectly well.

2 weeks ago

Sexist Dress Codes in the Workplace and Its Effects

Employees who do not have client-facing roles may not need to dress in the same manner as before the pandemic.…

2 weeks ago

Maternal Wall Bias Limits Fair Thinking: How to break the unconscious bias

Facing the maternal wall brings unexpected challenges for women in the workplace. Let’s find out how to break the bias…

3 weeks ago

Pandemic Office Romances Breathe New Life Into Work

The rules of workplace dating can be a tricky maneuver. While some companies ban workplace romances outright others just require…

4 weeks ago

A French Employee Sues His Employer for Depression

Depression, if left untreated, can last a lifetime and have serious consequences for one’s physical and mental health. It impacts…

1 month ago

The Key to Job Satisfaction: Prioritize Employee Mental Health Says the FMLA

The DOL reiterated that mental health is generally covered by law but employers must prioritize mental health and wellness in…

1 month ago

Remote Workers Are About 20% More Happier Than Their Office-Going Peers

According to an Owl Labs study, full-time remote workers admitted that they are happy with their work conditions. Twenty two…

1 month ago

How to Maintain Productivity in the Workplace During Notice Period

It’s true that productivity in the workplace is not at the highest peak during the notice period. Check out how…

1 month ago

5 Ways to Avoid Groupthink

All we have to do is listen. Acknowledge one’s thoughts and viewpoints to avoid groupthink in the workplace to get…

1 month ago

7 Amazing Employee Wellness Ideas to Boost Morale

Find out what employee wellness ideas you can implement to ensure your employees have a safer, productive return to work.

1 month ago