10 Best Job Sites for People with Disabilities

The employment scenario is changing; employment opportunities for people with disabilities are increasing. This growth is powered by a movement by employers to introduce many remote and telecommuting jobs for the people. Employers nowadays are eager to recruit people with disabilities or disabled employees as this lets them apply for work opportunity tax credits. Certain employers show more interest in hiring particular categories like disabled veterans, while some employers may look out for the elderly and people with mental disabilities.

However, it is difficult for disabled people to look for jobs and get the one that suits their requirements. As they cannot move around from office to office, applying for jobs, looking for jobs online is the best option for them. There are some job sites meant especially for people with disabilities. Some of them include the following:

Jobs For People With Disability


This site AbilityJobs offers a vast resume list of active job seekers having disabilities to the employers. The site caters primarily to the employers who look for disabled employees and candidates. A user-friendly job site, it has large text and buttons which makes it easier to navigate the page. For a disabled candidate, they would require creating an account on the site and post the updated resume. The candidates can create a free account and look for various job positions and offers according to their suitability. They can search for the desired company and posts and can also create job alerts directed to their phone or mail for the desired job.

CareerCast Disability Network

This job site allows disabled job seekers to look for job positions in specific industries and professions effectively. The job seekers can search for jobs by a proper keyword or a location. They can create a free account and can also look out and apply to various jobs free of cost through an online account. The site also allows people to create job alerts for their desired positions, professions, industry and location preference. The disabled job seekers also get vast content information like about different jobs, the process of applying, and what employers look for in their applications.

Disability Job Exchange

In this site, the job seekers need not create an online account to browse for jobs. They can easily upload their resume without creating an online account. They can look for jobs searching through the keyword, location or profession. The job site also provides many standard job hunting tricks and tips, like vocational training, interviewing information, and ways to build a perfect resume.


This site is exclusively for the employers looking for disabled employees as well as sponsors. Though this may seem a bit discouraging, it is the total opposite. A job site that looks for developing work relationships with employers and sponsors dictate that the job seekers would be more rapidly matched, and they would get more prospective job offers. The AbilityLinks website brand themselves as the “disability employment community,”- the site is having a job dashboard, a resume bank, virtual useful job fairs, and many more. The community in the job site connects with disabled-owned businesses and advocacy groups who fight for the rights of people with disabilities.

Enable America

This site is not only a job site, and it is an educational centre for job seekers with disabilities. The home page of the website features employers doing their best to get the best of the lot and going beyond to recruit and serve the employees with disabilities. The site also educates the readers regarding relevant topics, legislation issues and training meant, primarily for the disabled workforce. The site resources apply to every job seeker with disabilities who wishes to enter the workforce.

Disabled Person

This job site is an organized, easy to navigate and fully accessible website available for job seekers with disabilities. In addition to the regular job search options through keyword or location, the site also offers various sections where job seekers can look for jobs based on the state, industry and many more. Though the site allows job seekers to peruse open job offers, they are required to create a free online account to apply to the jobs. There is also a vast library of informative articles for job seekers to read and earn knowledge. There is also a “Marketable Skills” section in the job site where the job seekers can improve their employability skills.

This job site is much similar to Career Cast. There is a standard job search board where job seekers can look for their apt job by pitching in through keyword or location. Job seekers with disabilities are required to create a free online account to have access to various features of the website, like job alerts and resume building facilities. Job seekers can access the site to look for disability-friendly employers as well as industries or can even access the salary comparison tool to get a fair idea of the pay structures according to their skills and capabilities.

Getting Hired

An easy to navigate and easily accessible job site, Getting Hired has large letters that make the information easily readable for job seekers. This website three distinctive viewing options on the screen for the viewers. The website features all characteristics of a standard job search site, like the keyword search, search based on industry and company categories. The job seekers are required to create a free online account to look for open positions. They will also be able to access the ‘trending jobs’ which will be featured brightly on the home screen. The site also hosts several virtual job fairs for its members.

Land a Job

A job site primarily for the disabled people who qualify for disability benefits, it specializes in helping the disabled employee claim their rightful benefits while also looking for a new ideal work position. The sites have many counsellors who guide job seekers Individual Work Plan (IWP). It also offers an efficient online course for job hunting and seeking, including tips on how to face an interview and how to build the perfect resume. The services on this site are free of cost for disabled job seekers.

USA Jobs for Disabled People

This website, though it is not a job site meant specially for the disabled job seekers, it does have a section devoted to them. An entire part of the job site is dedicated primarily to disabled job seekers. The site posts vacancies in government jobs and private jobs. The website efficiently covers entire processes of Schedule A eligibility norms, which gives opportunities for job seekers without them having to contend for the job offer. This means the job seekers with disabilities can have an added advantage over their other peers, especially when it comes to seeking government jobs.

How to Acquire the Best Job: 

  • Personality test: These tests are useful in deciding the right kind of job for a person. When a candidate takes up a personality or assessment test, they get a clear idea of their capabilities and their ability for a specific job role. Nowadays, many employers themselves offer an assessment test to the job seekers to have a better idea of the applicant skills.
  • Skill Set: It is better to note down the hard professional skills and soft skills to determine the right type of job.
  • Imbibe New Skills: Everyone should be open to learning; learnng a new power is an added advantage for the candidate. Though a person may possess various capabilities as required by the employer, it always helps to learn a new skill. Also, continuity in training lets the employers know that the specific candidate is open to learning a new skill and is capable of adding value to the organization.
  • Schedule: Often, many telecommuting jobs look for employees who can work on odd timings and shifts. In such a case, it is convenient to let the employer know about the availability of the working hours of the candidate.
  • Scams: Scams are a common sight on job sites; many job websites highlight job offers to end up ditching the employee in times of pay or other related issues. As such, the job seeker needs to get detailed research into the employer and check the credentials to avoid any scam of sorts in future!

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