10 Powerful Phrases to Include in a Cover Letter

The cover letter is the foundation of the job application. It’s the first contact between you and a potential employer. The cover letter decides who gets called in for an interview and who doesn’t. This is why it’s important to include powerful phrases that provide a glimpse of your job experience.

Here is a list of ten powerful phrases you must include in your cover letter

All of us deserve to get a career that we truly believe and are passionate about. So here’s the thing: You’re scanning through the job site and unexpectedly you come across your ultimate dream job. You want that job badly, but you don’t have the necessary qualification or skills to convince the hiring manager to give you an interview opportunity. What do you do? In such a scenario, most candidates wouldn’t even bother to apply. But you have nothing to lose, right? Why not get one step closer to landing your dream job by using a bunch of powerful phrases in the cover letter? Here, give it a go:

powerful phrases for cover letter

“This position strongly resonates with my interest and work experience.”

“I have immersed myself in your groundbreaking work in the pharmaceutical industry.”

“I hope to work for an agency like yours to grow my experience.”

“I am excited to learn more about this opportunity and share why I’ll be an ideal candidate.”

“My background in _____ (related skills, knowledge, or experience) has helped me prepare for the challenges of the position.

“I have continually strived to improve _____.”

“I believe that my combination of experience, skills, and a positive attitude makes me the ideal candidate to fill this position.”

“Because of my breadth of experience, I believe that I would make an excellent candidate for the position.”

“Based on what I know, ______ (name of company)’s customer service and company culture are a couple of things that interest me the most.”

“If you have time to talk or have a cup of coffee that would be great, otherwise I’d appreciate your feedback.”

With these powerful phrases in your cover letter, you’ll land a dream job that you aren’t even qualified for.

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