10 Ways to Become Your Boss’ Best Employee

Managing your job description may be easy but maintaining your status as one who keeps the job rolling could be a challenge, mostly if the understanding you have with your boss is not breezy. Inasmuch as perfection remains an overrated word when it comes to human, the assignment to establishing a good working relationship is more on the employee. Yes, to be fired is only a decision.

As an employee, all the contributions you are to make are only to make your boss successful. If you fail to deliver, your boss has failed. You may get the pressures the wrong way or suffer the wrong side of your boss but there are tips on how you can make yourself the best employee for your boss.

1) Have the right attitudes

Looking towards a good relationship with your boss when you don’t have the right attitudes for your job function is like presenting “my little pony” to a blind man. Yes, your boss doesn’t notice you at all in the category you are probably trying to present if your attitudes don’t support his success. You must be energetic and ready to attack your task. Avoid seeing your job as something boring and don’t drag your feet. No matter what, excuses should not be a part of you.  You also must be efficient; be capable and go a long way to elucidate your competency.

Results are necessary and can’t be compromised. In that sense you must strive to complete your task within the minimum time as possible. Be a professional. While you strive to finish your job in time, doing them excellently should be your priority. Your efficiency and energy would amount to nothing if the jobs you have completed are not useful or requires a lot of corrections. Be early and dress reasonably to work and avoid wasting your productive time outside your office.

2) Know your boss

A little girl of about 8 years old fainted at school while performing gymnastic; she was rushed to the school clinic and was already awake before the doctor could attend to her. The doctor looked at her and simply asked; have you eaten? No, she replied and a meal revived her completely. Without getting to know all she needed was a meal, she would have probably taken many injections and perhaps go through a more complex therapy to keep her fit. All that the doctor needed was to see her expression and asking the right question. It’s important to know the report format that your boss values most, written, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets or verbal reports.

3) Understand your boss’ goals

Without knowing what your boss wishes to achieve, it’s very much impossible to support the achievement. Asking would not completely be a bad decision; may be in your one-on-one meetings. It would give you an edge to develop a better strategy on how to arrive at the goal.

4) Always communicate with your boss

It’s a very bad idea to want to surprise your boss with a job function. What if something goes wrong? Can you handle all that? Informing your boss helps him/her to get prepared for any outcome. You definitely need your boss’ support and possibly an advice, which is exactly what you want. Isn’t it? A good relationship is communication-driven.

5) Keep up your maturity

There are questions you may need to ask your colleagues and not your boss. Like where to find a pen, where to find health insurance, etc. One-on-one times with your boss should be work related that requires his contribution. Don’t wait for your boss to spoon-feed you because you are new or something.

6) Meet or beat deadlines

You must work hard to finish any assignment within the stipulated time frame. Also, beating the deadline is very fantastic and will definitely increase your reputation at the office. Don’t sit and wait for deadlines before you start rushing the job. Yes, sometimes you may have multiple tasks and would be busy with another task issued by the boss, but remind him/her of the one running out so that you would be allowed to finish with the most pressing task first.

7) Be a part of solution

Your job description may not offer solutions to every task within your desk, instead of sitting down to allow a function not properly done by another department to ruin your task, see that it synchronize in such a way that it doesn’t. Don’t go to complain if it’s something you can simply handle. You’d be eventually asked to handle it, by that time you’ve presented yourself as someone that’s bringing problems you can easily handle.

8) Avoid Gossip

Every office must present a group of persons who are always spreading news within the office. If you are in that group, forget a good relationship with your boss. Your boss can’t discuss what he doesn’t want everyone to know and that limits your relationship, keeping you below his/her best employees. Stay very far away from gossips and don’t pay good attention to such. You are at the office to be productive and not to spread the news.

9) Do what you say and say what you do

Your boss already has a lot of job on his/her desk. So, if you have promised to do a part, don’t fail to complete it. It may be a task outside your job description but believe me, promising you would get it done and not doing it would place your boss in a corner you can’t imagine. It may be a task required to be completed before another. Your value dies out when the task is due and your promise is not fulfilled.

10) Ask for honest reviews

It’s important to ask for honest reviews from your boss or colleagues. This will help you understand the areas you lack professionalism. Of course, you should continue to improve, don’t relax even when you have become the best employee.

Jane Harper
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