11 Good Habits That Will Get You Promoted at Work

A promotion is a career growth for a professional. Every employee deserves and looks forward to a promotion at work, an appraisal, or lucrative incentive to keep the person motivated for work. However, promotion doesn’t come with only working well. Make the following changes in your career, and you will be promoted.

Promoted At Work

Never leave Growth Opportunities

Every work throws many challenges and learning opportunities for the employees. Grab them once they come your way. It will not only help you to grow in the workspace but will also be an accomplishment to consider during your promotional appraisal.

Always be Reliable

Be prompt always and reliable to your managers. Be open about your views and progress and commitments. Grow to be a person everyone in the office can rely on. 

Always be Professional

Professionalism is a must-have quality for every worker in the office, be of any rank. Be it the attire at work or conversations, always be professional at the workspace. Groom your language in a professional way and professionally approach your colleagues and managers. Professionalism helps t create a good impression in the eye of the heads of an office.

how to get promoted at work

Time to step up your game.

Always be Collaborative

No employee prefers workers who have a view of ‘I’ instead of ‘We.’ Always have a team working spirit. Every employer looks for team players who look for the team’s promising future and aim at working collaboratively. It is teamwork among employees that benefits an organization.

How To Get Promoted At Work


Never be Dramatic at Work

Each work is stressful; there are targets everywhere. Don’t be dramatic about them. There might be communication hurdles with your colleague or turf wars at the office. Handle that cordially and professionally. Never create drama scenes at work. Also, never get involved in other people’s drama; stay away.  Office drama does nothing than drowning your career.

Keep Organization’s Vision in Mind

Work towards achieving the missions and vision of the organization you work in. Tune your personal goals and aim for the highest role; it will give you a clear path and motivate you to work efficiently and harder.

Always Acknowledge People

Acknowledgment gives you good recognition among your colleagues and managers. You don’t need to wait to reach a managerial position to thank your juniors and co-workers. Acknowledge your teammates for their efforts and support in whatever work and target you achieve. Recognize them, their triumphs as well as frustrations and acknowledge them. Everybody wants to be recognized; you can start with that. 

Look for Feedback

Always enquire about the feedback of your peers after completion of a task or target. Your peers will give you suggestions which will help you to complete that task better and more efficiently next time. Most people don’t prefer giving feedback unless you ask for it as they think you may find the person presumptuous. Ask for feedback and suggestions for improvement. If both of you are comfortable, share your feedback, view, and ideas on it too. 

Create a Working Portfolio

When the time for promotion or appraisal arrives, your managers would like to know the kind of value you have brought to the business. Instead of thinking about all the achievements you have earned over the years, start documenting your accomplishments and create a working portfolio that you can share with your executive desk during a promotion. Be it completing a crucial project, or achieved a record target, document it regularly. 

Network and Stay Connected

Grab every networking opportunity you receive at work. Networking will help you know more people who can provide support both in the present and later in the future. Effective networking will also help you to promote yourself, your skills, and get noticed. 

Cultivate these habits that would help you personally as well as professionally to earn a good promotion.

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