12 HR Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Away

HR podcasts are a good-to-go relief from the regular humdrum of work and are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. They are easy to listen to in everyday situations, amidst a daily commute or even during an evening run. Podcasts are a superb way of expanding knowledge and broadening horizons. They help to develop HR skills and teach interesting information about recruitment and talent management. Podcasts don’t charge a penny, and a person can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever they like.

Speaking of HR podcasts, we bring to you some of the most popular HR podcasts you should listen to and subscribe to right now!

HR Podcasts You Should Listen To

Recruitment on the Go

This is a go-to podcast to learn about everything related to recruitment. The podcast is conducted by Caitie McCollow, who podcasts from the Harver office in New York and helps listeners discover hot topics in recruitment and gives tips on how to improve the hiring processes. The podcast has short daily episodes of 7- 15 minutes

Digital HR Leaders

This is a podcast series from My HR Future, which features People Analytics leader David Green connecting to senior HR leaders who are bringing transformation in their organizations. The podcasts feature weekly episodes of around 30- 45 minutes and give insights on how HR can prepare for the future.

Honest HR

This is a podcast from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) featuring Host Callie Zipple who is talking about getting to the C-suite, challenging boss’s ideas, and leading organizational culture, among others. The podcast features 30-45 minute episodes. Honest HR has also developed a mini-series so that listeners can now get professional development credits (PDCs) for encouragement.

The Candidate Experience Podcast

This is an HR podcast hosted by Chuck Solomon and focuses on improving the candidate’s journey. The podcast features 20-30 minutes long episodes, and together with guest experts, the host Chuck Solomon disseminates useful information to hiring managers, recruiters, and HR professionals as to how the candidate experience can be improved and brand can be developed.

 The Jim Stroud Podcast

The Jim Stroud Podcast is hosted by Jim Stroud himself and shares essential thoughts and insights about the cultural trends and emerging technology that influence the world of professionalism. The podcast features short 10-minute long episodes where the host shares his experience consulting for the likes of Google and Siemens to create information-rich shows for the tech lovers amongst us. The podcast features 10-minute episodes

The Employer Branding Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Jörgen Sundberg and focuses on building an employer brand and give insights on how to use the company image in talent attraction and recruiting. The podcast features weekly episodes of 20 minutes long, where Jörgen interacts with international employer brand leaders, rebels, and innovators to share their favorite tips and tricks.


This podcast is a go-to HR podcast for the disruptive workplace and HR leaders who are tired of the status quo. The podcast is hosted by Jessica Miller-Merrell, who discusses with guests the trends, tools, and case studies for business leaders. The podcast features 25-minute long episodes on a wide variety of topics.

The Laptop Recruiter

Host Andy Whitehead created this podcast for aspiring recruitment business owners. The podcast gives useful tips on working more efficiently, building secure network connections, and ways to provide a better candidate experience. The podcast features 15-20 minute episodes.

The Chad & Cheese Podcast

This HR podcast is different in the sense that hosts Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman come to ‘here to punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts’ as they put it themselves. Though there is no rigid schedule of uploading new podcast episodes, there is one episode at least in a week.

The Future of Work 

This is a weekly show podcast where host Jacob Morgan indulges in discussions with senior executives and business leaders from across the world on topics related to the future of work. The podcast features one-hour episodes where the host explores new themes and features a special guest each time.

Recruiting Future 

This podcast by Matt Alder’s explores innovation and futurology in the field of recruitment and HR. The podcast features a weekly 25-minute episode where the host interviews thought leaders and professionals who are transforming the hiring industry.

Illuminate HR

This podcast hosted by Nate Randall discusses with visionary thought leaders across the human work-life continuum. Topics on the podcast range from managing the physical, financial, and emotional demands of the modern workforce to the latest ways of providing a superior employee experience.

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