15 Essential Exit Interview Questions Employers Should Always Ask

Exit interview questions are sometimes discouraging to ask considering how hard it is to acknowledge losing a great employee. Well, it’s difficult to let employees leave, mostly the well-established ones. But one sad truth every employer should learn is: no matter how much you have invested in retention strategies and its effectiveness, employees will always have reasons to leave. It’s not possible to keep them all.

While you are finding it difficult to accept their resignation, the situation is also offering the opportunity to learn about the employees’ experience in your firm. We can acknowledge the fact that not all employees know how to answer exist interview questions; they definitely don’t want to burn any bridges. But there are common exist interview questions which compel outgoing staff to have honest conversations about your weaknesses and strengths as an employer.

A recent survey by Office Team involving 307 HR managers in the United States found that 63 percent of human resources managers make use of the information gathered during exit interviews. The changes reported include employee voice, updating job descriptions, change to work culture or environment.

Exit Interview Questions Employers Should Always Ask

Below is a list of the best exit interview questions to ask your leaving employee. The questions are structured to compel honest answers from the employees, maximizing your opportunity to learn more about the weaknesses and strengths in your retention strategies.

  • What circumstances encouraged you to search for another job?
  • What circumstances would encourage you to return to the company?
  • How would you rate management’s recognition of your contributions? How do you think we can improve employee recognition?
  • Do you think your job descriptions have changed since you were hired? If yes, in what ways?
  • Were there policies by the company you couldn’t easily understand? Is there a way to make them clearer?
  • Do you think you were equipped adequately with the right tools, resources, and working conditions to do your job well? If not, what areas need to be improved and how?
  • What was the biggest factor that encouraged you to accept this job?
  • Do you think you were given the necessary training required to be successful in your role? If not, how do we make it better?
  • What did you enjoy the most about your job
  • What area do we need to improve on?
  • What did you dislike most about your job?
  • What qualifications and skills do you think we need for your replacement
  • Do you have any concerns about the company you can share?
  • Do you have suggestions on how we can improve employee morale?
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?

Instead of waiting for your employee to tender a resignation before asking these questions, when it’s a little too late to rescue the situation, you can use these simple exit questions to check in with your employees regularly. It is better they raise a concern when you have a solution, not when they have already made the decision to leave.


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