20 alternatives to end an email when “Warm Regards” is too boring

Warm wishes are often said to people celebrating a special occasion, such as birthdays or holidays. When you see the phrase “warm wishes,” it usually means that someone wishes you well and hopes for your happiness. But what if you don’t like this phrase? What should we say instead of “warm wishes”? Continue reading to find out.

What is the Meaning/Use of Warm Wishes, Warm Regards, and Best Regards?  

Warm Wishes, Warm Regards, and Best Regards are mostly used in email sign-offs for formal writings, applications, emails, notices, messages, and so on. These words depict your affection/feelings towards an occurred incident or situation.

Why alternative?  

A question arises: why do we need alternatives for these words? Aren’t these enough? While we speak or write, there are plenty of words we all use. Such words which are mostly used are common. In contrast, you wish to look different and unique from the rest of the crowd and wish to mark your signature. 

best alternatives to email closings like warm regards and best wishes

An email without a sincere closing is like an annoying mime.

It would help if you alter your way of writing, reading, and speaking. Most times, your reasons might be because the constantly used words may sound bland and not unique. And seeking an alternative word to end your message is perfectly fine.  

Why is the Ending of a Letter Important?  

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about wishing someone a “warm wish”? Perhaps it’s an envelope with a card or letter inside. Maybe you envision a pile of lit candles and some soothing music in the background. 

On the other hand, when talking about a significant and major impact on your writing, consider how you end your letter. This is because it pushes your reader to either look into your request or not, and how you end your letter also gives your reader an opening on how to interpret your message. For example, starting your letter with “Howdy!” should look interesting. But what if this were a formal letter? For an interview.

Is this going to come across as serious and professional? No, I don’t think so. Now, this is why your salutation as well as how you end your letter matter. They show intentions, professionalism, and interpretation of your writing.  

What About Using “WARM WISHES” In an Email?

Using “Warm Wishes” as closure to an email sure is acceptable. An alternative for sending an email where you would want to sound professional as well as extend your intentions to build a relationship would be “Many Thanks.” This shows appreciation and honesty, which takes your message away from being entirely formal.   

Warm Regards Alternatives

Warm Wishes are also used in congratulatory messages. However, everybody doesn’t need to be comfortable with this phrase. So here are some alternatives which you can use instead of Warm wishes to end your message or letter. Here are the alternatives:

  1. Best Regards   
  2. Kind Regards  
  3. Good Wishes   
  4. Greetings   
  5. Compliments  
  6. Respects  
  7. Congratulations   
  8. Looking forward to your response  
  9. All the Best  
  10. Kindest Regards   
  11. Salutation  
  12. Cordially  
  13. Love   
  14. With Love  
  15. Lovingly   
  16. Respectfully   
  17. Yours Respectfully  
  18. Sincerely  
  19. Yours Sincerely   
  20. Yours Truly  
  21. With Appreciation  
  22. Sincerely Yours  
  23. Cordially Yours   
  24. Kind Wishes  
  25. Yours Faithfully  
  26. Kind Thoughts   
  27. Many Thanks   
  28. Kind Thanks   
  29. Respectfully Yours  
  30. Sincere regards  
  31. Best wishes  

In summary, it is worth noting that there are plenty of words you can use as alternatives for Warm Wishes. It all depends on your writing and what you want to portray with it. If honesty, sincerity, gratitude, etc., matters the most in a formal letter or email, then “Many Thanks” would be a better alternative than “Warm Regards” because this shows appreciation too. While if sounding professional yet honest matters more, then “Best” could come across as an accurate replacement for Warm Regards/Wishes.

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