20 Best and Worst Excuses for Being Late to Work

Sometimes, you are simply not able to come to work on time. There might be some obstacles that you cannot overcome and these moments are usually difficult. But what to tell your boss in these situations?

You should have good excuses for being late for work, and these excuses should be good enough for your boss to believe in them. In the text below, we talk about the best excuses for being late to work and how to tell them to your boss. 

1. Traffic 

One of the most common excuses for being late is traffic. There might be too many cars in the line and the traffic jam is hard to escape. If there are too many cars in front of you, you should call your boss and explain the situation. He or she will understand the situation, especially if the boss takes the same route to the job. 

If your boss is angry about your lateness or he does not believe you, then you can take a photo of the traffic collapse and show them when you get to the office. Some situations are simply not under your control. The traffic is one of the believable excuses for missing work. 

2. Bad weather 

All of us can experience bad weather during the day. This can stop us from coming on time to the place where we work. If there is rain or a heavy show, we cannot be sure if we can get to work on time. In these situations, we should call the boss and tell them about the harsh weather conditions. 

If the boss lives in a nearby area, he or she will be affected by the same conditions. There is nothing else to do than wait for the bad weather to stop and go out of the home a little later than usual. This is one of the good reasons for being late. 

3. A broken car

Sometimes, car trouble is one of the believable excuses to escape from the office late arrival horrors. It is a common possibility and works for nearly half the population, all the time.

A broken car belt, punctured tire or even a smoking engine could concern you in the morning and cause delays at work. Probably your boss, at some point might have had the same experience someday and so, it’s an easy slip to get late for work.  

best excuses for being late at work

Use these excuses wisely; too much of anything is bad for you.

Acceptable Excuses for Being Late to Work

Some of the other good excuses for being late for work are presented below:

  1. Forgetting something 
  2. Betrayed by the housekeeper
  3. A sick family member 
  4. Rescuing an Animal
  5. A babysitter canceled 
  6. A pet ran away
  7. My house got burgled
  8. Had a car accident 
  9. Had a medical appointment 
  10. Had a fever
  11. Lost my keys 
  12. Had a plumbing issue
  13. Had a flood at home 
  14. A death in the family 
  15. Had a dental problem 
  16. Had cramps 
  17. It’s personal 

Most Ridiculous Excuses for Being Late to the Office 

Besides good excuses for being late for work, there are also the worst excuses for being late for work that will sound weird and unbelievable. Let’s see what not to tell your boss when you are late to work. 

  1. Keys flushed into the toilet 
  2. A pet didn’t wake me up
  3. An alarm betrayed me 
  4. Car signal problems 
  5. Wasps in the bedroom
  6. Followed by an unknown person
  7. Kids dialed the police number
  8. I was chasing a burglar who broke into the house
  9. I was lost in a fog
  10. Trying a broken solar power scooter
  11. Locked indoors
  12. Bear attacked the car
  13. Getting another shower
  14. Missing purse
  15. Wearing wrong shoes
  16. I had to get a squirrel out of my car
  17. A cow was blocking the road
  18. My pants were in the dryer
  19. I had to go to my hairstylist
  20. My garage door opener remote was broken

All of the mentioned coming late to office reasons are good if some of them really happened to you. You should be honest and admit if there are good reasons for being late. Tell your reason and expect an understandable attitude from your boss. At least you can be honest. 

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