20 Impressive Answers to “What Makes You Unique?”

When it comes to the common interview questions, you may find yourself in a difficult situation to answer the question “What makes you unique?” This question should be answered in the proper way if you want to get the job you are applying for. 

The answers might be different but all of them should be related to your actual skills. Do not hesitate to mention your ability to answer the challenges in a specific way, and always make sure that you give an authentic answer

answers to what makes you unique

Stand out in the job interviews by answering “What makes you unique.”

Here are the examples if you wonder how to answer the “What makes you unique?” question. 

  1. In the previous company, I was a key person to deliver the end product to the customers through the constant development of the customer care tools. 
  2. I am a reliable person who knows how to make a difference between the relevant and non-relevant tasks within the company operations. 
  3. In my overall career, I managed to make an increase in ROI in every company that I worked for. This gives me a significant advantage over the other candidates. 
  4. When solving problems, I apply both statistics and my previous experience to make good decisions. I was trained to see the logical and emotional path in every problem-solving procedure. 
  5. I am not afraid of failure and bad outcomes. I always try to find the reasons for the exact outcome and this is something that serves me as a guide for future operations. 
  6. I see possibilities in every project that I am assigned to do. I can predict if the project will be successful or not. For this prediction, I use my experience and the overall situation on the market.
  7. I am a team player that knows that the power lies in teamwork and the correlation of different facilities. 
  8. My expertise in the job I do gives me the courage to take some steps that are brave and liberal. Usually, these steps turn out to be very successful for the company I work for. 
  9. I have a keen eye on the details, and I can make a difference by applying some business rules that provide better business outcomes. 
  10. I can deal with time-sensitive projects that require fast action and smart decision-making. 
  11. If a company faces some trouble, I am the first to respond with the needed action to make things less damaging for the company I work for. 
  12. I always follow the market tendencies and trends that are relevant to the company’s operations. 
  13. If I see someone who does not do the job properly, I usually call the upper management to report the problem.
  14. I can deliver more work in the selected time than other candidates because I have great organizational skills and good time management abilities. 
  15. There is always room for improvement and I constantly work on my skill and knowledge to deliver the best possible work to my boss and colleagues. 
  16. I think clearly in an emergency and can see the solutions faster than others. 
  17. If one colleague is sick or unable to come to work, I can offer a hand and do the tasks for both of us.
  18. My vision of a good company is very clear and I do everything to provide prosperity to the company I work for. 
  19. I can accept positive critique and change my ways of doing tasks if that is what my boss requires from me. 
  20. In the near future, I want to establish my career in this company and improve my knowledge in many different areas. 

From these answers, you can find your “What makes you unique?” best answer which will make you the best candidate for the job. Usually, the behavioral interview questions are tricky and require some thinking. Now when you know the answers to the “What makes you unique?” question, you can differentiate yourself from other candidates and have more chances to get the job you want. 

Anna Verasai
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