In order to perform better at the workplace, an individual keeps looking for various ways which will help him boost work productivity. Experts in this field suggest a number of methods which enable better productivity in terms of professional tasks. Although all these methods might prove to be beneficial, the work quality will not be satisfactory as long as the individual enjoys what he is doing.

Imagine waking up every morning and dreading to go to the office just because the work isn’t interesting or not something one likes doing. This will gradually hamper the quality of work produced by the employees as they will lose interest in their work. Having a systematic work pattern is essential, as it helps in setting a timeline for the task and also makes sure nothing is left out. But a to-do list or a detailed log of the daily work report does not motivate an individual to perform better. Only if an employee likes the task he is working on, then he will be inclined towards it and will want to do it well.

This does not mean that all the different forms of methodology inculcated to improve work quality are hoarse. Such forms are necessary as they guide an employee about how should he do his work. But one will not want to work following these methods as long as he develops an interest in his job. Scientific studies have also stated that the positivity of a person has a considerable impact on his work productivity as well as quality.

Boost work productivity by enjoying work

It is important to enjoy the job one is doing in order to boost work productivity.

Ways to boost work productivity

When a person likes what he does, he stops caring about the competition around him. Instead, he focuses on outrunning himself every day. This can turn out to be a motivational factor as there is no better competition than oneself. Such an attitude will enable better team work. This is because the person will stop competing with his colleagues and will focus on the overall growth of the team. At the same time, the employee will be on cordial terms with his head.

One of the key benefits of enjoying one’s work is that the individual attains absolute job satisfaction. Due to this, he stays dedicated to the company and has a different energy in him while doing his work. Job satisfaction is something every manager tries to instill in the employees. This promotes a happy work environment and give a proper commitment to the company. For this, the employer must make certain alterations so that the employees like their job. The manager can hold a discussion with all the employees about the kind of work they prefer doing. This will help in getting an idea about the job responsibilities each individual must receive.

It is important to realize that working out of spite or sheer boredom can drop the quality of work. This will obstruct the growth of the employee as well as the company. To ensure employee engagement and boost work productivity, one must enjoy the job strive to get better at it.

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  1. Bill Fotsch

    Pretty hard to enjoy your job is you have no idea if you will be employed tomorrow. In contrast, an inspiring approach comes from this leader’s perspective, ” A slave does not know what his master is about, but I call you friends, because I have told you everything”.
    This is the spirit behind empowering employees to think and act like owners, often referred to as Open-Book Management. Industry leaders like Southwest Airlines, Capital One and BHP Billiton, (clients of mine), and hundreds of private companies treat their employees like trusted business partners, enabling them to make more money for their company and themselves. They consistently see both profits and engagement soar.


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