3 Common Mistakes Job Seekers Often Make

Looking for a job isn’t as easy as it seems. As a job seeker, your first and foremost undertaking is to stand out from the crowd. It’s worth reminding yourself that every single interaction you have with a prospective employer is an opportunity for you to turn the tide in your favor. This, again, may seem simple but is a formidable task. After all, making mistakes is what makes us human. But you can always remain on the other side of err by not committing these common mistakes job seekers often make.

Common Mistakes Of Job Seekers

Common Job Interview Mistakes

Not applying for enough jobs

These are difficult times where it’s common to find even the most educated, experienced and skilled individuals’ unemployed. If you’re under the impression that a few job applications may sign the deal then you’re in for a shock. Resume blasting used to lead to dead ends in the pre-pandemic times. Use all potential avenues of finding a job listing. Some of the best chances for jobs are from ads posted in newspapers, specialty magazines, websites and forums.


Your resume should be free of typos, spelling errors, or formatting issues. Its one thing to make a typo in an instant message and another to send a cover letter filled with horrifying formatting. Most candidates are aware that making such errors is a big no-no, and yet it’s still one of the most common complaints you’ll hear from recruiters.

Not being proactive during the interview

If you want to make a mark during the job interview, you’ll need to do more than just appear for it. Prepare some thoughtful, well-research questions for your hiring manager. If you’re not sure of what to ask then you may refer to our list of job interview questions here.

Interviewing for a job isn’t easy. But if you’re armed with the aforementioned knowledge, you can make yourself stand out during the job interview. Good luck!

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