3 Life-Changing Productivity Tools Smart Workers Use

Before we started using some common productivity tools, people completely rely on their ability to remain fully disciplined, multitask; devoting time for every little task, and recalling various needs at the right time. We can imagine such hassle in our modern day workplace where we must work really hard to achieve a work-life balance and remain productive.

Technology is not leaving us out and it will interest you to know that a lot more has changed recently; there are life-changing smart productivity tools to get even better. And what matters most is if we are able to recognize, utilize, and to make the services part of our lifestyle. Practically, productivity tools, services and apps are devised to cut down our daily distractions at work, streamlining our attention to become more productivity-oriented while also helping us find quality time to spend with our loved ones.

Effective productivity tools must do part of the job for us, like arranging our emails in the simplest and easy format, disciplining us on the time we should spend on the internet, providing swift access to the most frequently used tools, seamlessly monitoring our energy level, and among other services. Here are three (3) life-changing productivity tools that smart workers use.

Fitness tracker

Fitness Tracker

Health is paramount to achieve any level of productivity desired. And smart workers are clearly are monitoring their health by tracking their calorie intake and energy level. This helps them to know when there is a need for high-calorie meals to improve efficiency. Fitbit is one of the most common fitness trackers and the price is around $59 to $149. It provides details about your health and wakes you up with vibrations/alarm to start the day early. Some of the best fitness trackers can also be used to manage tasks and among other productivity-oriented apps on wearable devices.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Smart workers are able to access their files anywhere, anytime and from any device. With Google drive service, you can get up to 15GB free cloud storage space to store and retrieve eBooks, videos, documents, designs, presentations, PDFs, spreadsheets, and any type of digital file. Google drive enables you to keep your files privately or share them with colleagues by just creating and issuing the file link. You can also enable shared editing for your contacts or specific individuals to enable them view, download and to make contributions. Premium plans for 1TB cloud storage space goes for about $9.99 for a month.



The use of emails and calls to set a meeting with colleagues are not productivity-oriented. It is now obsolete and recognized as a big distraction; taking questions about your time schedule. Sometimes, we even make mistakes by clashing our official events. With Calendly, colleagues can easily schedule meetings with you without getting your attention. As one of the most effective productivity tools, it requires very little attention on both sides, just a couple of clicks. Simply set your preferences and share your link, Calendly will add the picked dates and time to your event which can be viewed at anytime.

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