3 Morning Rituals that Help to Boost Your Productivity

Each morning is a fresh beginning they say. Time and again we see philosophical quotes like ‘Rise and Shine’ or ‘Make a Fresh Start Every Morning’ to help increase our motivation levels. Whilst in reality, what happens to most of us? We dread getting out of bed in the morning, unless the alarm is really irritating and we want to shut out its noise ringing in our ears. Have you ever wondered why are mornings so dreadful or why do we feel lethargic at the start of the day itself? One simple reason… We don’t have a proper morning schedule. We wake up like a turtle and then run like a horse to reach at work on time. Instead of this, it what if your morning has an energetic start to boost your productivity right from the start of the day? It would be great, wouldn’t it? If you follow the below mentioned morning rituals, trust us, the change you will see is going to be fantabulous.

Boost Your Productivity by these Morning Rituals

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Stay Away from Distraction

There is a reason you have time allotted for the work hours. Keep your work e-mails and notifications reserved for that time only. Unless it is really an emergency! We are saying this for one simple reason. That there is no need to gulp a dose of tension, stress, and work even before reaching the workplace. Keep your morning stress-free so that your day can run smoothly. And if you don’t believe us, try staying away for a few days and see the results for yourself.

Plan Your Day

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Before ending your previous day, decide in the night itself about your agenda for the next day. This will not only help you be mentally ready but it will also save your morning time in deciding and planning the upcoming day. A perfect way to save time and also boost your productivity, isn’t it?

Hustle in the Morning

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Think of every morning as a new game for which you obviously will have to warm up. Well, what does this warm up include? A good exercise for your body and mind! This can include yoga, jogging, dancing, exercises at home, or even hitting the gym. The post-exercise perspiration will exhibit an amazing glow on your skin and will boost your productivity levels.


Reserve your mornings for your favorite cup coffee and breakfast, a good exercise, your newspaper, and loved ones. We are sure that once you start doing this, a happy morning will glow on your face not just in the mornings, but for the entire day. Well, all we want to say right now is- Keep Glowing Folks!

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