3 Perks and Benefits for Blue Collar Workers


Employees today get sweet perks. Gymnasium, happy hour, pizza Fridays, flexible schedules, education assistance, remote options, etc. HR Leaders understand that happy employee is the key to company growth. Sadly, there isn’t much commitment shown when it comes to offering perks for blue collar workers.

According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 23 percent of blue collar workers were satisfied with their company’s retirement plans. Blue collar workers remained dissatisfied with job stress and wages. Only 30 and 33 percent were satisfied with the two issues.

A lot is being said and done about employee engagement of white-collar employees in the workplace. However, we can say the same when it comes to blue collar workers. With that in mind, we came up with a small list of perks for blue collar workers.

Non-monetary perks and benefits

When providing higher wages isn’t possible, you may provide the following perks and benefits:

Paid vacation days
Opportunities for growth
Affordable health insurance

Often even perks as little as free coffee can work wonders and make employees happy at work. Moreover, non-monetary perks are easy to implement and maintain.

Competitive salary

Blue collar labor is physically demanding when compared to the work done by all other industries. Companies should pay wages that not only reflect the hours put in by the workers but also the efforts that go into their work. If the pay is less, the workers are more likely to feel disengaged and may probably even quit.

Worker safety

There are several reasons why companies should focus on creating a safe environment for workers. Invest in high-quality safety gear and conduct regular QA tests. Sometimes a gesture as little as having an air-conditioned break room and work wonders for workers working outside in the summer heat.

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