3 Types of HR Strategies: Demystifying the What, How and Why

A business’s overall plan for managing its human capital to match it with its commercial activities is a human resource strategy. All essential components of HR, such as hiring, performance review, development, and remuneration, are guided by the Human Resource strategy. A human resource strategy allows you to optimize your employees’ potential while ensuring that all HR actions align with your company’s goals. Recruitment, onboarding, human resource development, succession planning, diversity, and a personal appraisal are HR strategies examples.

Some HR strategy models have been prescribed, and they include The model of Fombrun, The Harvard model, the Guest model, and The Warwick model.

Types Of Human Resource Strategies

There are two basic types of HR Strategies, and they are:

1. Overarching strategies

This describes the organization’s overall intention for how people should be managed and developed, as well as the steps that should be taken to ensure that the organization can attract and retain the people it requires and that workers are committed, motivated, and engaged to the greatest extent possible. They are most likely to be stated as broad-brush assertions of goals and objectives that serve as the foundation for more precise plans. It identifies the primary communications activities to be implemented, as well as communication vehicles, key players, and a timeline.

types of hr strategies

It consists of a straightforward declaration of what you want to do and your goals. The main strategy should be a short and unambiguous sentence that anyone, even if they are unaware of the entire plan, can understand. A key insight should be the foundation of your overall strategy.

The ultimate guide for your action is your overarching plan. It should be a straightforward and easy-to-understand sentence. This stage teaches you the importance of having an overriding communication strategy for your overall approach.

2. Specific Strategies

The second basic type of HR strategy is strategies for various aspects or sectors of human resource management, such as learning, development, and reward. Specific HR strategies define what the organization intends to achieve in knowledge management, which entails producing, acquiring, capturing, sharing, and using knowledge to improve learning and performance. Resourcing entails attracting and retaining high-quality employees.

This is how the HR department supports the company’s business objectives and outcomes proactively.

HR is no longer merely a bureaucratic function. It is now fully integrated into the company’s strategy, policies, and goals to ensure long-term viability and the maintenance of a positive organizational culture.

Specific HR strategies are being developed in the following areas:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is defined as a commitment to conduct business ethically to benefit society and the environment. It refers to creating and implementing programs that will improve the performance of an organization.
  • Knowledge management entails the creation, acquisition, capture, sharing, and use of knowledge to improve learning and performance.
  • Resourcing entails attracting and keeping high-quality workers
  • Talent management ensures that the company has the necessary competent individuals to succeed.


Senior executives are focusing more on employee-related issues and how they affect an organization’s long-term business success these days. They recognize that higher organizational performance may be achieved by aligning business goals and strategies implemented by human resources.

In Human Resources, the HR strategy Models explain the division of responsibility between HR units and employees. It specifies how important HR duties will be carried out and who will be responsible for them. New technologies, approaches, and ways of thinking are always being developed to improve HR.

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