30 Alternatives to “Warm Wishes” for Every Situation

The world is an unfair place where you cannot use something like ‘Hakuna Matata’ in lieu of ‘Best Regards’ or ‘Warm Wishes.’ You also cannot opt for ‘xoxo’ or ‘yours truly’ unless you’re secretly writing love letters to your cubicle mate. To help you with the great workplace ‘conundrum’ of email closings, we have compiled a list of appropriate alternatives to ‘Warm Wishes.’

Writing an email can be challenging sometimes. You may be confused with the options to end your letter and this is when you need help. 

No matter if the email is written in a professional or friendly tone, you need to sum it up with the appropriate ending. A phrase like “Warm Wishes” might be the best choice, but this is not the only choice that you have. There are also other alternatives to “Warm Wishes”. 

How to End an Email 

If you are talking to the person who needs to respond to your email, you may need to use more alternatives than “Warm Wishes” or “Warm Regards”. 

The mentioned solutions might seem dry and look like you have no creativity. The person on the other side may think of these phrases as if you do not have time to write something more meaningful. 

For all these reasons, we present you with “Warm Regards” alternatives and “Warm Wishes” alternatives that you can use in your daily communication.

warm wishes warm regards alternatives

It is always good to include professional observation in your email.

Alternatives to ‘’Warm Wishes’’ 

Here is the list that you can always consider if you want to leave a positive impression on the person you are addressing. 

  1. Sincerely 
  2. Thank you 
  3. Very best 
  4. Kind regards 
  5. Sincere regards
  6. Best regards 
  7. Looking forward to your response 
  8. Yours faithfully
  9. Thank you for your time
  10. Thank you so much
  11. Appreciated
  12. With appreciation
  13. Respectfully yours
  14. Yours truly
  15. Warmest regards
  16. Warmest wishes 
  17. With sincere respect
  18. With regards
  19. Sincerely yours
  20. Please respond by (the date)
  21. Request for response by (the date)
  22. Cordially yours
  23. Fond regards
  24. With the highest amount of respect
  25. Thank you for your time and understanding
  26. Good intentions 
  27. Respects 
  28. Salutations 
  29. Affectionate greetings 
  30. Well wishes 

As you can see, all these alternatives to “Warm wishes” can be used with success. Some of the greetings are more formal than others but all of them have the potential to send good wishes to your correspondent. 

What Else to Include in an Email

It is always good to start your email well. When you start a professional email with Dear Mr./Ms. (the name), your email will look professional and authentic. Always pay attention to the length of your sentences and convey your message in the right manner. 

Do not use overly complicated words and do not try to impress the reader. A simple introduction and a concise explanation will do the trick. 

If you are in a hurry, you can greet the person in an informal way, but the ending must be good to show that you care about the relationship. You can start with “Hi” or “Hello” but you should always end your letter in a more formal way. 

Use the “Warm wishes” or some of the mentioned alternatives to greet the person at the end of the email. In this way, you show respect and you show that you care about the communication with the exact person. 

How to Sound Professional 

It is always good to include professional observation in your letter. It may be some detail from the work you do or some professional observation of the work that should be done in the future. If your email is professional enough, the person that you are addressing will have more confidence in you. 

Of course, the ending of the letter is the most important, and you should not miss the point here. If you have a date that you need to get the response about some important question, use the “Please respond by (the date)” type of greeting. 

In this manner, you will show that you have good intentions to continue the correspondence with the person you are communicating with. 

For all other cases, you can use some of the mentioned alternatives to “Warm wishes” or 

“Warm regards” alternatives. You cannot go wrong with the right greeting solution. 

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