40 Actionable Fun Friday Ideas That Work Like a Charm

Fun Friday ideas to make the workplace more fun – sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?

You see, not everyone agrees with the good-ole ‘Work hard play hard.’ We all know that one coworker who is perpetually serious. If they had it their way, they would even run a no-nonsense office like Dwight Schrute from The Office. Perhaps, they’re simply humor-challenged.

But here at The HR Digest, we believe creating a fun workplace is the single most effective productivity booster. There is a direct link between fun at work and employee morale. Creating a fun workplace shouldn’t be reserved solely for companies with large cash reserves. When you start making the office a fun place, people get lots done while having fun at the same time.

If you want to start a culture of Fun Fridays at work, you must first seep the idea of fun within yourself. Make a conscious effort to lighten up even during the most stressful times. People can be trained to work hard, but it takes a real effort to make them feel motivated at work. Fun Fridays at the workplace can enhance motivation and productivity.

40 Fun Friday Ideas

To support your pursuit of ideas for Fun Fridays at work, we will share some of our own tried-and-tested cool ideas that will have a tremendous impact on your workplace culture.

This article is essentially a compilation of fun Friday ideas at work.

  1. Summer BBQs.
  2. Dance Breaks.
  3. Monthly yoga in the office.
  4. Beer pong tournaments.
  5. A costume contest.
  6. Pizza parties.
  7. Drum circles.
  8. Office Olympics with games such as water balloon fights, ice curling and nerf gun battles.
  9. Foosball tournaments.
  10. Ugly Christmas sweater contest.
  11. Mismatched socks day.
  12. Scavenger hunt.
  13. Office potluck.
  14. Dress up as your favorite character day.
  15. Bring your child to work day.
  16. Star Wars Day.
  17. Murder Mystery.
  18. Cooking contests.
  19. Bring your pet to work day.
  20. Buddy system.
  21. Twister or knots.
  22. Family day.
  23. Movie day.
  24. Hide and seek.
  25. Dance contests.
  26. Who wants to be a millionaire quiz
  27. Tug-of-war contest
  28. Basketball tournaments.
  29. Wine tasting at work.
  30. Chess tournaments.
  31. Boat party.
  32. Holiday decorating contest.
  33. Karaoke Friday.
  34. Casino night.
  35. Talent show at the office.
  36. Monthly bootcamps.
  37. Bi-weekly Happy Hours.
  38. Ping pong tournaments.
  39. Weird hairdo day.
  40. Annual Employee awards.

So there it is! An all-comprehensive list of Fun Friday ideas for work. We are often told that fun and humor are unadult-like and nonprofessional at the workplace. While nothing could be far from the truth, they’re also basic indicators of the onset of disengagement at the workplace. Let’s not forget that laughter and fun can help release stress, increase camaraderie between individuals, and enhance creativity and innovation under press – all of which are the basic pillars of a resilient corporate culture.

Companies that don’t integrate fun into work have to deal with absenteeism, reduced job satisfaction and decreased productivity. So, how are you going to inject more fun into your workplace each Friday?

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