5 Apps for HR Management That Make You Instantly Productive

It’s no surprise that a couple of clicks on the app store could make your life easier. Productivity apps are in heaps and bounds on the market, but very few cater to the ever-evolving needs of the human resources departments. Here we have five apps for HR management to help you streamline your everyday work life and make managing people much easier!

Best HR Apps of 2020 

The role of an HR professional is dynamically changing with time – they are no longer the person who only recruits the new employee in the organization.  They have a strategic role in the office, and they conduct a multitude of tasks, from recruitment to performance management of the employees. For all these diverse tasks, they need apps to keep the processes in place and to earn the maximum output in their department. As such, we bring to you five efficient apps for HR that are perfect for use by the HR and helps in keeping their tasks in check.

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Mettl – HR Apps

This online assessment platform is used for conducting tests and analyze the capabilities and potential of the candidates. There are diverse psychometric assessments, refined aptitude tests as well as IT/Non-IT domain tests which measure the abilities and skills of the candidate to make sure they are apt for the organization. This platform enables the organizations to take credible people to recruit decisions across two verticals, Hiring, and Development. There are automated, algorithm-based techniques in this platform that restrict cheaters from harming the company’s credibility. This is an efficient application for the HR to leave it to the platform to assess the candidate and give a proper result on the skills.

Belong – HR Apps

This application helps the eligible candidates get the job they are fit for. the app works through cross-referencing the job requirements and the required qualities of the organization with the candidate capabilities and interests. The app focuses on outbound hiring, and with the curated search engine tool, it matches a multitude of profiles as per the requirements of the company and offers the most eligible candidatures. The application has also introduced an algorithm which efficiently assists an organization in hiring skilled professionals for sales as well as marketing roles across the verticals of technology, hospitality, FMCG, Pharma, insurance, and finance.

Uber Conference – HR Apps

Imagine you need to get into a conference with people from different locations, and you are having persistent issues with connecting and talking! With the Uber Conference, this trouble will vanish! Uber Conference has an excellent Web client-based architecture where the HR can log in on the website, call any number, and stay connected. You can also add and share the call with a multitude of people to discuss and have a virtual conference on the go! The only thing you are required is a Google Sign-up; no PIN required.

The HR can easily watch the number of connected people and also who is conversing and connecting on the call in real-time. One can also share multiple documents, set up the customized music for the company, simultaneously share screens as well as check out the social media profile of the people connected on the call. The Human Resource can also conduct a video call through the Google Hangouts options. Uber Conference supports a group of up to 10 people at one request under a free subscription. There is also a call recording feature that lets the HR take a record clip for future reference.

Prezi – HR Apps

Giving an excellent presentation is one of the tasks of an HR, be it while addressing the new employee or conducting a campus placement. Prezi is the perfect app for this! The features of this application are user-friendly and can be accessed from mobile. Interaction with the audience has never been so fun! As shifting the slides in a presentation takes time and breaks the concentration of the audience, Prezi comes up with an innovative case canvas state of the entire performance, which lets the HR go through the minute details too. There are useful ready-to-use templates that can be used by HR to make any innovative and attractive presentations anytime and anywhere.

Trello – HR Apps

This web-based platform is easy to coordinate and handle projects at one go with multiple people on board. It helps professionals from a single company to collaborate and share ideas and projects in a single platform. This is one of the best applications for an HR who minutely monitors the work progress of the employees of an organization. The Trello app is best known for the visual themes and appeal, as well as its user-friendly display.

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