5 Apps For Freelancers To Boost Their Productivity

Apps for freelancers

When you are into freelancing, along with being your own boss, you’ve to manage everything including your time, productivity, and even finance. So here are some apps for freelancers that would make your life much easier.

Technology can really help when you need to focus on your work by cutting the distractions. And, in today’s world, when there is an app for everything, how can we miss the opportunity to help those freelancers.

This list of apps for freelancers includes apps for keeping track of productivity, projects, finance, and client management.

Avoid Humans

Freelancers often need a place where they can work in peace without much distraction, and at times, home office is not taken as an option due to the monotony. In such situation, Avoid Human app collects data from Instagram check-ins and Foursquare to display the least crowded place near the user. It also color-codes the locations to indicate the level of human presence.


HelloSign is a Gmail add-on that allows users to overcome the need of printing, signing, scanning, and then emailing contracts. It enables users to sign contracts by simply clicking on the form, filling it out, and then sending it back. It saves a ton of time and energy for busy freelancers.


With this task manager, long chains of emails can become a thing of the past. It has a built-in calendar, taggable tasks, and actionable chat that can make project management really easy. You can work together seamlessly with your clients, no matter where they are located.


This app is made by a freelancer for freelancers to help them in crafting client proposals. It helps the user craft clear and professional proposals by selecting templates or from the scratch. Thus, users need to spend lesser time in crafting client proposals and can pitch more clients.


This app places you in the DJ booth of your workplace, may it be your home office, some coffee shop, or a coworking space. It enables you to fine-tune volume and a range of focus-inducing background sounds such as the sound of the breeze, rainfall or pink noise. If you love to work at coffee shops or you feel that coffee houses boost productivity, you can also download a similar app named Coffitivty. Coffitivity provides you with coffee shop soundtrack, through which you can transform your home office and feel like you are at your favorite coffee house.


This site is full of accounting tools that will allow you to manage each and every aspect of freelancer finance. Starting from collecting money, making expenses (that includes paying to other employees), and time tracker, everything is combined at one place for easier access and convenience. “What is its drawback?” It has a lot of features, more than what an average freelancer may require to accomplish their daily tasks.

If you are your own boss, you need to download these apps for freelancers to save plenty of time and get things done in an easier and better way.

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