5 Benefits Of Working At A Startup

You just graduated from college, holding your degree in your hand and now need to pick between various jobs that you’ve been offered. Sounds like a dream, right? But, that’s the case for certain graduates who really know what it takes to land a great job. So, if you are one of those who have multiple job offers, you need to know what would work for you. On one hand, there is a big corporate company that offers a 9 to 5 job and on another hand you need working at a startup for undefined hours. What would you choose? Obviously the big company, but don’t forget to consider some startup benefits that big companies rarely provide.

Here are some benefits of working at a startup that you have probably overlooked if you have already picked the big corporate company:

You’ll have more responsibilities

Who likes more responsibilities, you ask? But, having more responsibilities make you a valuable and irreplaceable employee of the company. You know that your work is adding value to the company and thus it makes you better over time. Responsibilities will get your professional juices flowing and make you more productive.

You would be wearing many hats at a time

Working at a startup will not benefit you in terms of compensation, but it will surely make you a jack of all trades. Startups don’t have huge teams, they have a few employees who take on more than one job roles. So, if you are one of the employees in a startup, you will develop some transferable skills that may help you in your career advancement in various fields. The most important startup benefit is that it helps you understand your career objectives in a better way if you are not already sure of where your career is going.

You will get recognition for your achievements

No matter how hard you work in a corporate setup, chances are, your work will go unnoticed most of the times. But when you are in a startup, you will get instant recognition for any progress that you have achieved or any task that you have done successfully. Also, in a startup, you feel that your work is the deciding factor of whether the company will move forward or go backward, so you know for sure that your elbow grease won’t go unnoticed.

Work environment

Of course, the startup environment is the coolest and most talked about reason to join a startup. You can attend work wearing your shorts and vans. You can crack jokes all the time. You can have beer at work. (But only on special occasions. Wink.) You will get more time to bond with your colleagues. You are a part of a team that is driven by a common goal.

You will learn from innovative minds

People who start their own business are different from other, they have a different approach towards different situations as compared to those who have never tried to create something of their own. Learning from those entrepreneurs, you will develop a wider approach when looking at things, making you more innovative and creative.

Anna Verasai
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