5 Best Sites For Online Courses That Will Help You Hone Your Skills

Do you want to hone your existing skills or pick up some new one? But, do you have time to do so? Are you willing to go back to school to learn those skills? Do you lack some of the skills that you may require once your change careers? If so, you can rely on online courses in order to develop what you lack. Online courses allow you to develop those much-needed skills at your own pace. They are self-regulated, shorter than a typical college semester, and cover all the topics and skills that you can possibly imagine. The hard part of taking online classes is to find online learning sites that are reputed and provide an online class in the field that you are looking for. But the good news is, we have done your part of hard work and have made a list of online sites that offer a variety of free and paid courses. Here are some top online learning sites that offer a wide-range of courses that are taught by professors from reputed universities and experts from the relevant industry:


If you are willing to receive a college education without having to pay the high cost of tuition, Coursera is the site for you. This site provides a range of courses in all types of fields, may it be literature, history, or psychology. The courses that are offered on this site are all taught by professors from top universities, entrepreneurs, and experts across the globe. The universities that offer courses here include Stanford, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and a lot more.


Skillshare is perfect for those people out there who want to develop some skills but can spare only 15 minutes or so to do that. It offers “bite-sized” classes to learners who are always busy and still need to improve themselves by learning new things. The site has more than 500 free classes and over 1000 premium classes on topics such as writing, film, lifestyle, tech and manyuch more to choose from.

Academic Earth

If you are solely interested in academic classes, Academic Earth is the site for you. It offers various online courses in sciences, arts, economics, humanities, computer science and many more and that too all for free.


This is a site for someone who is not willing to spend much money in learning new skills in different fields. It offers courses that are taught by professors, experts, entrepreneurs and are free or are on discount. It allows you to take classes not only in tech, marketing, and business but also allows you to get better in health, hobbies, productivity, and lifestyle.


This site has a wide variety of free and inclusive courses on soft skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, digital skills, and more. It can be used by all kind of learners, no matter whether they are managers, professionals, teachers, or freelancers. Still confused about which site to pick to get started? You can visit Class Central – it is a site that personalizes your search for courses by allowing you to filter the courses that you are interested in and from whom you want to learn it. Then it provides with a list of courses along with the website or university name that is offering the course. So, now all you need to do is sign up.

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