5 Brilliant Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Employee MoraleEmployees are one of the most valuable and vital assets of an organization. They are also known as the building blocks of an organization. The success and growth of the organization entirely depend upon each and every employee’s Hard Work, Skills, Dedication, Time, and Effort. A successful organization is the one in which the employees are rewarded and valued for their work.  They ensure that the employees are having a good time despite being loaded with bundles of work. A positive work environment also helps Boost Employee Happiness. When it comes to increasing employee morale, few companies neither understand nor have any regards for it. There are many basic, simple, yet powerful and outstanding techniques one can use to immediately boost employee morale. Even if the employees are down in the dump, few ways are guaranteed to flash a positive change. Have day to day small gatherings/meetings: When people are unhappy or depressed, paying no attention only worsens the situation. Plan daily small meetings where you share actions, thoughts and progress. It will make them feel better eventually. It creates a natural boost of energy and is better than coffee and doughnuts. Swap the timetable/lineup: You need to break the daily schedule sometimes. Let the employees start late on Monday so they can finish off their un-cleared personal things from the weekend and come back with a focused, ready to turn things around and determined state of mind. Show kind gestures: This is easy. Acknowledge them for their good work and help. Learn to say thank you. You must make it a point and say it with true appreciation and meaning. Appreciation will always boost morale. Let them interact and share their thoughts: You must meet your employees individually or in small batch address all the challenges and the problems they are facing. This gesture proves to be a big step in improvement and recovering morale. The key to a happy employee is to listen what they have to say and let them speak their mind freely. Try to figure out their problems and help them in getting a solution out of it. Plan and schedule something out of the normal and ordinary routine: You must plan and try doing something different out of the old boring routine. Hire a massage therapist so employees can relax and enjoy quick, delightful and refreshing shoulder and back massages after a long day of sitting in front of their computers. You can also hire a dance instructor to come in and teach a pleasant yet refreshing Zumba, hip hop or any other dance form for an hour. In short if you engage yourself in boosting the employee morale, it will lead to a positive change in work environment. Employees who are content and happy will make sure that the others too distinguish their problems. They will work together with an endeavor to strive for company’s success.  

Jay Raol

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