5 Common Mistakes New Hires Make At Their First Job

Workplace mistakes are the least to accept as a new hire, especially at your first job. It can push anyone into losing confidence; believing they are not good enough for the company or not properly trained to assume their roles. However, too much confidence and the pressure to avoid mistakes at first job could actually lure you into them. That’s why they are called mistakes. No one has ever planned to create problems for themselves.

While some new hires make workplace mistakes as a result of negligence, other victims of common first job mistakes are due to ignorance. Let’s quickly look at the five common workplace mistakes to avoid as a new hire.

Making assumptions

Making assumptions is like shooting in the dark. And the results are mostly not rewarding. New hires have the rights to ask a range of questions since they are still growing familiarity with the work culture. But some would rather prefer to make assumptions; either because they think their employer expects them to know what to do or they lack the appropriate medium to ask questions. Don’t be shy to ask questions. Instead of blowing things up, seek for help. Your boss is not expecting you to know everything, mostly the office culture. If you are not sure of where to channel your questions, try to resolve that first to be on a clear path. Remember, you are new.

Clocking in too much time

Showing off your willingness to contribute deeply is very normal. But going overboard can present you otherwise after a few days. This is one of the first job mistakes that can hurt you longer than any other mistake. Clocking in too much time could lead new hires into establishing an unrealistic standard, which would be difficult to maintain. This may lead to burning out prematurely and growing feelings to possibly quit. It’s healthier to build your contribution gradually.

Dressing too casual

I’m sure it’s embarrassing to be sent home on your first day at the job for dressing too casual. How about feeling underdressed among your colleagues? That could be more horrible. None is cool to handle, anyway, but new hires still make this mistake that can easily be avoided. It’s ideal to check with the office HR about the dress code before your first day. Better still, dress too conservative.

Showing up late

This is another common mistake most new hires make at their first job ignorantly. Punctuality holds the first key at your new job, not even your contribution. Some people may take some time to settle in. Since you cannot avoid unforeseen circumstances, it’s better to always leave home earlier.

Too much time on their phone

Checking our Smartphone regularly is no longer a topic to argue on. From our WhatsApp messages to Facebook or Twitter timeline, there are lots of distractions on our phones. Social media distractions cost the U.S. economy about $650 billion yearly, reports Forbes via Monster. And employers are aware of how much social media can distract employees. Consider disabling your phone’s network during work hours to earn adequate focus and to avoid paying too much attention to your phone.

Anna Verasai
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