5 Essentials Resume Formatting Tips To Help You Get Hired

Explore our resume formatting tips for ideas and inspiration on how to make the perfect resume.

A resume is an important professional document. It is the first thing that an organization seeks from a potential candidate and from where the company gets a knowhow of the person. The resume should include information about experience, education, skills, capabilities and additional details about the candidate.

Professional Resume Formatting Tips

There are many things to consider while creating a good resume for an interview. Some of the most essential resume formatting tips include the following.

How Long Should A Resume Be?

A resume should be a one-sided page without any crowding information. Though there are exceptions about resume formats and creations, like for highly experienced individuals the information will be more and the resume will be slightly longer. However, it shouldn’t be explicitly long with pages after pages of information. A resume is not the autobiography of the candidate. It is a document meant to give the required enough information about the candidate and make them compelled enough to call and schedule an interview. The hiring person will hardly spend 10-20 seconds on a resume, which means it should be adequate enough to catch the attention of the hiring person.

Fonts to use in a Resume

Fonts play an important role in building a good resume. Use an appropriate font that makes the resume readable and looking neat. Ensure that the potential employer can read the resume no matter where is he seeing it on- the phone or the computer screen. The font should be professional and neat so that even an applicant tracking software of a company will screen it well and forward it to the employer. Some of the good fonts include Sans Serifs, Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, Century Gothic, Gill Sans MT, Lucida Sans and Tahoma. Also, make sure the font size is somewhere between 10.5 and 12 points. 

Figure Margins and Spacing

A resume should have enough margin space required for printing. Don’t make the margins too narrow or too wide. Make them adequately spaced and aligned in a page. It is recommended to set the margins at one inch on all sides.


While giving out a resume physically, it is essential to take the paper into consideration too. The paper should be such that it conveys the message that the candidate is a professional. Always ensure to print resumes with a laser or inkjet printer so that the paper in use is crisp and the printing level is high. Also, print on paper that is heavier than the ones available in photocopiers. Opt for white or neutral colored paper for a finesse product. 

Resume Formatting Tips

  • Keep the format simple: There are hardly few seconds to grab the attention of the employer, so keep the resume and the information simple. Don’t give them an overcrowded resume, watch the space and margins and keep it neat, tidy and legible.
  • Keep it professional: Never include infographics, playful fonts, glitter, or anything that would put off the employer once they lay eyes on the resume. Also use good quality paper for the print. Show the employer that you want the job and are serious about it. 
  • Choose the best resume format: Keep all employment gaps, work history, career growth, and everything in mind and create the resume. Choose the right format and the information and share it accordingly.
  • Always be honest: Always be honest with the information you share to the employer. Never exaggerate to impress an employer, it may fall on your face in a bad taste in the end. It would also look bad for both. So be honest and good with the right information.

A well laid out resume will be loved by the employer. It will catch the eyes of the person and stand out amongst the many applications.

We hope you liked our resume formatting tips. Please leave a comment if you have more to add to this list of resume format essentials.

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