5 Fun & Festive Christmas Party Themes For Office

If you want to organize a great party for your coworkers during Christmas time, it is best to use some imagination and creativity. Each Christmas party theme can be unique and it will stay in the memory of your coworkers for a long time.

The thing about Christmas party themes is that they can really add spark to a party and make it more lively amongst the office. This year, be sure to choose an appropriate theme and use it to coordinate the party – from the email invitations to the décor, food and games. Elegant Christmas party ideas are a good way to make holiday celebrations one to remember.

Christmas Party Themes to Make Your Party Sparkle 

Here we present some of the best office Christmas party themes for your employees that will create a great atmosphere at the office. 

Virtual Christmas Party Themes

Office Christmas theme party ideas are the universal way to celebrate Christmas with your coworkers.

Celebrate Christmas Worldwide 

You may probably have coworkers from all around the world and each of them wants to bring their own piece of tradition and culture. Let them celebrate the holidays their way by bringing something special to the office. They can bring their favorite dish or their own decoration that will represent the country they are from. At the same time, they can enjoy their music or special outfit for these special moments. 

The ugly sweater 

We all know those ugly sweaters that are hugely popular during Christmas time. These are usually painted in brown, purple, and yellow colors that have no actual meaning but represent the colors of Christmas. The sweaters could be one of the Xmas party ideas that never get old. If a colleague does not have a sweater at the party, you should offer them a spare sweater and a pair of reindeer ears to make the outfit complete. 

A masquerade ball 

Christmas party theme ideas are not complete without a masquerade ball. Each employee should wear a mask at the office party, and each mask can represent something. From the witches to the elves and villains, your office party mask must be unique. If someone does not come with a mask, you can organize a side station for making masks in the room. Decorations like paper, glitter, glue, and colored details will be quite enough to make an interesting mask that will be represented by an employee. A masquerade ball will be complete with finger foods and cocktails that will make your coworkers even more relaxed. 

Santa’s workshop

As part of Santa’s workshop, you can have multiple activities that your employees will love to do. From wrapping up the gifts to baking cakes, your employees will love to make things and have fun at the same time. You can organize the workshop in many ways, and one of the best ways is to divide the coworkers into groups and give them assignments. One group can wrap up the gifts for each other. Another group can prepare brownies or mulled wine. The third group can make interesting outfits that will be worn at the party later on. Each group will have a special assignment and this will certainly increase team spirit between the coworkers. 

Virtual Christmas party themes

If you want to have the best virtual Christmas party themes, you should have a stable connection and a good camera and mic. Use the virtual meeting to have the party with your colleagues. Organize a game or have a song contest where everyone should come up with some interesting idea. Virtual meetings are an ideal way to strengthen a bond between colleagues. 

Xmas theme party ideas are the universal way to celebrate Christmas with your coworkers. Each idea that we presented here can be done with little effort and it is easy to turn these ideas into reality. 

If you expect your coworkers to be involved in Christmas party themes, you should give them the freedom to be themselves. This will include their own approach to the celebration. 

If they want to bring a piece of their culture to the party, encourage them to do so. They will be happy to see that their ideas are heard and respected which will make them more satisfied.

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