5 Great Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Work

There are ways to celebrate Halloween at work, no matter how strict your office is. You can bring in your favorite candy and throw a trick-a-treat event at your office for the employee families. You can even extend the celebration by decorating the whole office with colored pumpkins and gourds. If you want to get all Martha Stewart, you can organize an office pumpkin carving contest. You may be an adult going to work but that doesn’t mean you can’t have all that fun.

To help usher in that spooky spirit,we have singled out our favorite ideas to celebrate Halloween at work.

Office Halloween Costume Party

Office Halloween Costume Party

Halloween celebrations in the office are a fun way to bond with coworkers you haven’t spoken to in months. Use this holiday as an excuse to creep it real with a Halloween costume party at work. But don’t make the mistake of taking your Halloween costume too far with Slutty Pennywise and Slutty Wonder Woman. Even if your workplace is über-cool, it can become a little tricky to find work-appropriate Halloween costumes. With a little creativity, it’s easy to put together a sophisticated, creative Halloween costume that you can wear to work. What will you be wearing at the office Halloween costume party? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Halloween Luncheon

Halloween Food celebrate at work

You don’t have to wait until all night in the dark in a pumpkin patch to enjoy pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheese ball or pumpkin and apple muffins. Ask employees to spend some time at the Halloween potluck rather than retreating with their meals to their cubicle or the nearest Starbucks. You can start by announcing a Halloween-themed potluck as a treat to your employees. Your employees will connect with each other over love for food. A Halloween potluck is also a great occasion to bring a team closer.

Halloween Office Decoration

Halloween Decoration office celebration

You employees may want to create a haunted cubicle or a graveyard. Offer prizes for best and most spooky Halloween office decoration. You can enhance the team building aspects of this competition by encouraging teams of people to work together to decorate their shared office space.

Go ahead, place some orange flowers on everyone’s desk. Get some of those adorable pumpkins and gourds and decorate the boardroom. If all else fails, you can always cut out bats and spiders, and stick them everywhere in the office. You can also turn your boss’s cabin into a bat cave (or, rather you don’t!).

Halloween Games and Contests

Halloween games celebrate at work

Who says Halloween games and contests are just for kids? Halloween is the time of the year to let loose and have some fun. Here are some Halloween party games and contests – pumpkin pie eating contest, bobbing for apples, riddles and more. It is festival time and everyone deserves a break! Besides, Halloween celebrations in office are a great way to promote employee morale, teamwork, and inter-departmental collaboration.

Horror Movie Marathon

Halloween Movie celebrate at work

It’s customary to watch a Horror movie on one of the most terrifying nights of the year. But since you’re going to head to the office on October 31st, here’s the next best thing to do: screening Horror movies at work. You can watch classics such as The Nightmare On Elm Street, Scream, and The Exorcist.

Why should kids have all the fun? So, go ahead and make the most of the spirit-driven holiday. Whatever you do, remember to celebrate Halloween at work and involve everyone in the scary fun.

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