5 Interesting Ways to Answer ‘How are you?’ in the Workplace

There are many ways to answer the question “How are you?” and some of the options are better than the others. You can learn about the ways to answer “How are you?” and it all depends on the situation that you are in. 

Greetings are an essential part of the job interview process. A polite greeting such as “How are you today?” at the start of the interview can be a great conversation starter. It works as a simple salutation and allows the interviewer and the interviewee to get acquainted with each other before the formal interview process begins. 

“Good,” “great,” and “very well” are some appropriate answers you could use when someone asks you this question. The goal is to avoid a conversation stopper that brings awkward silence to the room. 

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If you are in an informal situation, the answer will be simple, but if you are in a more formal situation, you should answer in a more specific way. Let’s see how to respond to “How are you?” and how to create good communication wherever you are. 

“How are you?” as another way to say Hello 

In most situations, the “How are you?” question is another way of saying hello. You can hear the conversation that starts with “how are you” and you do not need to respond with an answer of how you feel. You may be in a bad mood, but you will still say “Fine, thanks. How are you?” 

It all depends on the level of communication that you want to have and it also depends on the person you are talking to. The typical “How are you?” answer can be “Good, thanks, and you?” This is the most typical answer and you will hear it in most situations. 

“How are you?” in formal situations and when meeting strangers 

There are ways to answer the question in some more formal situations and when meeting strangers. You will not say in detail how you are, but you will show some enthusiasm. 

If a cashier asks you: Hi, how are you today?, you can say: Fine, thanks. It’s a beautiful day.

With this answer, you are not responding to the question in a detailed manner, but you are still polite and positive.

“How are you?” at work and when meeting business partners 

There are numerous ways to answer the “How are you?” question at work, but one of them is a certain option that will get you a positive appearance. It is “I’m good, thanks. And you?” 

You can also answer the question by saying “Fantastic!” or “Great!” There is also a good option to say “I’m doing well, thank you.” All of these answers are suitable ways to answer a question like “How are you?”

By giving the mentioned answers, you show your positive attitude towards the bosses, business colleagues, or new people that you meet at work

“How are you?” when hanging out with friends 

Your friends at work might ask a similar question that sounds like: “How’s it going?” or “How are you doing?” 

These kinds of questions are informal and these require an informal answer. If you wonder how to respond to how’s it going, you could have multiple options. One of the best options is to give a more detailed answer. 

If you are not in a good mood or if you have a headache, you can be honest with a friend and tell them the truth. Therefore, you can answer “Not good, I have a headache.” or “I did not sleep well, I need more coffee.” 

All these answers will reveal more about your present situation and it will serve as an opener for further communication between the friends. 

“How are you?” in a casual situation 

A good “How are you doing?” answer could be “Very good, thanks for asking, and how are you?”

In this manner, you thank the person for asking the question while giving an answer and asking the same question back. This way, you create a good opportunity for the following communication.

As you can see, there are many ways to answer “How are you?” Some of the answers are simpler, while some speak about the casual or formal approach to the situation. You should choose the best “How are you?” answer that will be the most appropriate for you and the person you speak to. 

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