5 Job Search Tips during COVID-19

Looking for a new job is a strenuous task in itself, and in the present COVID-19 pandemic times, this task has become more stressful. Organizations have stopped hiring in people and are resorting more to lay off their employees. This has made the present job market highly depressing with fewer jobs.

Recently passed out college students and job seekers, especially, are finding the situation challenging. They are becoming highly worried with no clue how to get their first job with limited vacancies available. As such, we list out a few simple tips to bag the first job in an uncertain pandemic situation.

Job Search Tips During Covid-19

job search during coronavirus pandemic

Check Job Offers

Check out the previous internship or on-campus recruiting offers that you might have got. These offers have become very helpful in these uncertain times. If one is unsure about the vacancy still exists or not, they can connect with the employer or whoever sent that offer to check the vacancy status.

Before inquiring about the vacancy status, it is essential to check out reports about the company/organization’s financial situation at this pandemic time. As offices are laying off many employees, it is better to check out if the particular organization is already laying off, have gone bankrupt, or are open to recruiting. Always keep an open mind while looking for a job and always be in touch with the recruiting officer.

Be Flexible

Many first-time job seekers have an uncompromising vision of their first job scenario-specific timings, specific environment, and working status. It is good to keep an open mind for a vacancy.

Organizations offer varied job types- full time, part-time as well as internships. One should be open to anything that comes their way, especially in this current pandemic time.  It is a possibility that a person may not get a full-time job now but be offered a part-time or a paid internship for a specific period. That is also fine, considering the fluctuating job market at present. If one is continually sending out resumes but not receiving any response, it would be wise to change the expectations and visions. One should also be open to varied fields that know of job vacancies.

Let the Skill Set Lead

Instead of explicitly looking for the job one wants, it is good to look for fields where the person’s skill set matches. Focus on the skill sets developed from college courses, internships, and summer or work-study jobs while looking for a new job.  The experience one gains from the job based on skill sets are much useful and helpful, and the person can use that experience during the transition into the kind of job profile they looked for initially. 

Networking Skills

Connect with people from the job field and look for new opportunities. Reach out to them to enquire about relevant opportunities. The network may be of professors, internship supervisors, family members, and friends too. You can ask them to introduce to professionals from various fields and help in networking.  It is better to focus more on staying connected rather than finding a job. 

Upgrade Skills

Learn new skills regularly to develop and prepare yourself for the first job. A skill-built person is more in demand nowadays in the job market. Also, learning a new skill has become much easier as there are many online classes available for developing new skills and broadening the horizon. One should continue learning and updating skills while looking for a job, as this highlights that the person is adaptable and open to learning new things. It creates a good impression on the employer and also gives additional qualifications to the candidate.

The economic downtown is perhaps the most challenging situation ever occurred. No one in the world knows how long it would last- social distancing and the financial crisis. As such, it is essential to grab the opportunities available and make the most of it.

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