5 Professional Holiday Out of Office Message Templates

Pick one of the five professional holiday out of office message templates so you don’t have to worry about having to constantly check your inbox while you’re on a vacation.

Planning on an extended leave of absence, going on a short trip or taking off for the approaching festive season, then it is time to leave the hassles of the office behind and de-stress. A break from work means winding up all the little tasks in the office to avoid any disturbances or niggling worries. The foremost among these is to write an automated holiday message for any electronic mails that may land up in your in-box. It shows courtesy and professionalism.

Holiday Out of Office Message

Keep in mind several things while writing the message. First and foremost is your office policy, if they have one then problem solved, just copy the template.

If not, then be aware of your audience and adopt that tone. Remember to be to-the-point and not reveal too much information, there are spammers out there.


There are several out of office message templates for holidays that can be used depending on the tone you want to adopt while leaving the message. It can be straight out formal, semi-formal, cheesy or breezy. Choose your message according to your work environment rather than your mood, or you might land up in trouble.

out of office message templates

Out of Office Message Templates

Here are 5 samples of automated email messages that you can leave behind as your automated reply.

Out of Office Message Templates

SEMI-FORMAL PROFESSIONAL Out of Office Message Templates

Season’s Greetings or a simple Hello,

Thanks for getting in touch. I am out of the office from (date to date).

I will get in touch with you once I join office. If the matter is urgent feel free to contact my colleague (name) at (e-mail).



(One can add this if you have taken time off for the festive season.)

Happy holidays and all things best for you and your family.



FRIENDLY YET FORMAL Out of Office Message Templates


Thanks for the email. I am out of the office from (date to date). If the matter is urgent, you may get in touch with (name) at email.

Regret the inconvenience.



THE FORMAL Out of Office Message Templates


I am away on a leave of absence from (date to date). If it is urgent you may leave a message with my colleague (name) at email. If required, I will be informed of the matter and will get back to you as soon as possible.



BREEZY Out of Office Message Templates


This is an automated response. I am away for a little me-time and you cannot bargain, cajole or wheedle your way into getting a response. So be patient and wait till I come back all refreshed and rejuvenated to handle the queries.




Hello Everyone

This is an automated response from (the company name). We are closed (from date to date) for the holidays. We wish you happy holidays and urge you to take time off with your friends and family.

Wishing you and yours a Happy (season’s greetings).

We at (the company name) will be back to carry on the good work after the rest and recreation. Hope to greet you soon. Happy Holidays once again.


Company name

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