5 Qualities of Non-Toxic Employees

A good, suitable, and non-toxic hire can make all the difference to the company’s culture and bring out the most productive and progressive results.

As a company or business owner, out of all the choices to be made, hiring an employee can be seen as one of the most important decisions. Every employee has something or the other to contribute to the company culture, whether they add to it or detract from it.

A good hire can make all the difference to the culture and environment that an employer tries to create. Their presence can ultimately help the business to be more effective and speed up productivity. Hiring is generally considered to be extremely complicated and a task that is loaded with numerous risks. Additionally, hiring a wrong or toxic person might further derail the company’s progress.

On one hand, hiring a non-toxic person is a very significant and beneficial idea for a company as they have the capability to fit in perfectly into the prevailing culture. On the other hand, making a bad hiring decision has the potential to jeopardize the durability of even the other valuable employees. There have also been relevant surveys conducted along these lines which showcase the negative impact of hiring a toxic employee to a workplace. These studies have also reported how one toxic employee into a 20 person team can cost three times as much as a non-toxic employee.

qualities of non toxic employees

Other such studies have also uncovered some traits of a toxic worker. They have further discovered that 78% of employees surveyed, admitted declining commitment to their organization in the face of toxic behavior. Taking into account that toxic employees can cost some of the best workers, the study estimated that hiring a single toxic employee might end up costing around $12,500.

There are a few typical characteristics of a toxic worker. They generally tend to profess a strong adherence to the rules and consistently try to overrate their abilities. They also focus more on quantity over quality and tend to overproduce than normal workers with lower quality output. They are proven to be self-centered, disorganized, lacking in credibility and get aggressive and defensive easily.  

However, a non-toxic and high-quality worker will be enthusiastic and ready to learn. And there are a few steps that an employer can take with a focused hiring process and look for qualities to make sure that they always hire a non-toxic worker.

These non-toxic employees always portray the traits of trustworthiness and a responsible outlook. They show good qualities of taking directions well and that they are answerable for their work. So, here is our list laying out the 5 most important qualities of a non-toxic employee.

Signs of Non toxic Employees

Their values and outlook match to the company’s message

A few core values of a company are considered to be very critical in order to build the company’s culture. A non-toxic employee generally possesses the same kind of values as that of the company. And this quality is quite necessary to maintain harmony and work along positively with the organization’s office culture.

They show enthusiasm for their position

A non-toxic employee would be someone who is passionate about their work and find joy and satisfaction in their role in the office. They are often assertive in performing the necessary responsibilities and portray a sense of excitement for their daily tasks. They are determined to work for their valuable outcomes and are inspired to contribute to the company.

They possess a desire to learn from their environment

Non-toxic workers understand their strengths and weaknesses and hence do not shy away from learning experiences. They realize when to take responsibility for their mistakes to move on and get better at those as well. Such employees want to continue learning and also show anticipation towards growth through new improvements.

They are good with communication

The non-toxic employees know how to respectfully communicate with all kinds of fellow workers without creating a hostile environment. They can also articulate the company’s message clearly to business professionals and clients to make sure that the organization’s reputation remains positive. They also understand that good relationships are essential to organizations and overall job satisfaction and hence know how to keep a balance among everything.

They offer long term potential

These non-toxic employees understand that company turnovers are extremely costly and hence do not hesitate to show a long term interest in the company. They positively aspire to work their way up to the corporate ladder while also showing genuine interest in growing their skills. 

Thus, it can be seen that screening employees through the right interview questions is important to guarantee hiring employees with non-toxic energy.

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