5 Signs Your HR Manager is Doing A Terrible Job

Employers and employees would toil a lot to make very small success in an organization when the HR manager is doing a terrible job. Aside from introducing dump corporate policies, an incompetent HR manager has all the credentials to ruin your employee performance and safety, just to mention a few consequences of hiring a bad HR manager.

Most times, HR managers gain credits even when they are under-performing. Does he provide viable management techniques? How about advising you on your employees? Well, here are 5 signs your HR manager is doing a terrible job.

Is HR Manager Doing Terrible Job?

He never says, “We need to ask the lawyers”

Employment law is always open to new interpretations and always changing. That’s why a regular follow up only is not enough but consulting attorneys for clarifications. For instance, while firms found out that the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) only applies to employers with a large number of employees (50 or more), EEOC’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) included medical leaves. Meaning that even smaller companies are subject to comply, otherwise, pay legal bills.

If your HR manager is always confident about knowing everything, without requesting to find out from an attorney, he’s doing a terrible job!

She’s always blank about your business model

Your HR manager may not be familiar with your business when first employed. Of course, there are several skills that she has to deploy such as conducting employee appraisals, EEOC requirements and hiring the right candidates. In addition to that, your HR manager needs to understand your business to be very useful in your organization.

It’s a bad sign if she doesn’t consider it as one of her responsibilities to understand what you are doing in the various sectors of your business.

She never approves an exception

Keeping rules are awesome! But there are always exceptions to consider. Your HR manager is doing a great job if she’s extremely strict on policies when like sexual harassment complaints, gender discrimination, and others of its kind. Rules such as all employees must be at the office not later than 8:00 am are also very good. But if she would not want to approve exceptions for Friday employees that usually spend 2 hours helping Thursday employees she’s doing a terrible job. Polices are designed to keep employees focused, not to give them reasons to quit.

He always agrees with you

You may be the boss but that doesn’t mean you are always right. So, what happens when you make bad decisions? Boom! Everyone gets the reward.  HR managers are supposed to explain what it means to adopt any policy. Hence, he is never going to compromise when there’s a danger because you are the boss. Consider it a red flag if all your decisions are accepted by your HR manager without presenting alterations, consequences or disagreements.

He solves every problem with a new policy

Policies are good but when it’s too much, there are conflicts. And employees are left with no space but to master rules on how everything must be done. It’s a red flag if your HR manager’s way of addressing every issue is to write a new policy and send to all employees. How about the confrontational routes? Employees need a life outside work. Anyone that brings inappropriate conduct should be confronted first.

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