5 Signs You’re A Woke Leader

The meaning of the word “woke” is considered to be presented as “alert to injustice in society, especially racism” and this meaning can be transferred to the corporate world. 

We saw many initiatives and movements that speak about social justice and equality between different social groups. From the Black Lives Matter movement to many other initiatives, people are trying to understand the real meaning of the word “woke” in their organizations. 

Are You A Woke Leader? Let’s Find Out.

When it comes to the corporate world, there are 5 sure signs that you are a woke leader in your organization. Of course, you must have many additional skills to be a leader, but these 5 are essential characteristics of woke leadership. Let’s learn more about them.

Woke Leader corporate culture

A woke leader will learn from mistakes and he or she will constantly strive for perfection.

You Build Trust Between People 

One of the key aspects of social equality is trust. A woke leader will know how to build trust between workers and managers. From team building activities to social gatherings after work, the activities will give a special reason for the employees’ satisfaction. 

At the same time, building trust between people is based on the key values of the corporate culture. 

Equality and social activism play the main role here. If your employees have a problem, they should not be afraid to speak to each other about it. You should offer them a good and adequate atmosphere that will build trust between the managers and coworkers. 

You Create More Opportunities for Growth

People like to work at companies that offer them opportunities for growth. This kind of development might be obvious because every day, the work challenges build the employees’ skills. 

However, the growth can be developed in other areas of personal experience. Your employees might want to do yoga or share an app for sports activities that make them more fit and healthy. They may be listening to some music that they want to share with others. 

If you offer them these opportunities to share the values between themselves, you present yourself as a woke leader who cares about the real experience of the workers at their jobs. 

You Promote Inclusion 

As a woke leader, you should promote inclusion at all levels. Inclusion might be the most important thing for your company. You should hire people no matter their race, color, political or sexual opinion. You should also include minor groups and religious people who want to share their opinion without the need to suppress their voice. 

A good leader will promote inclusion that comes from the groups that do not have the same rights as the rest of the society members. In this manner, you encourage people to share different opinions about different subjects. 

You Bring Out the Best in People 

A woke leader will know how to bring out the best in people. He or she will see the true personality in each individual, and the leader will be able to emphasize these characteristics in the right manner. 

Giving people a chance to feel comfortable in their shoes is the most significant thing for the company. When people show that they are free to speak their voice, they can give their maximum at the job they do. A good leader will know how to wake up these skills. 

You Give an Example Yourself 

All of the mentioned characteristics of a woke leader are nothing without a real example. You should be a leader that knows the importance of each value that promotes social and racial equality and justice. Only in this manner can you be prepared for the challenges in the corporate world. 

A woke leader will learn from mistakes and he or she will constantly strive for perfection. That is why woke leaders are rare and we do not have an opportunity to see them very often. Being a woke leader takes a lot of responsibility and dedication which is why those leaders that are woke leaders should be highly appreciated. 

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