5 Smart Ways to Answer “Why did you quit your last job?”

It’s really common to see that people quit their jobs due to some reason. A person should not feel embarrassed when such things happen as they could happen to anyone. However, it is better to showcase a positive attitude to your new employer during the interview process. Remember, not to blame others and always take ownership of the situation.

There are Five Smart Ways To Answer An Interview Question As To “Why did you Quit your last Job?”

Why did you quit your last job

Answer For Quiting your last Job


    • My earlier job was interesting, but I was looking for a work that I was passionate about. I think this new job that your company is offering is just the one that I was searching for. I even took an online course in the last few months and found that this job position is fascinating. I consider myself completely fit and capable of performing the best in this job position.


    • I want to make a bigger impact in an organization and I consider your organization as the best and most suitable organization where I could get the opportunity to bring out the best in me. I have a lot many innovative ideas and views which I consider could prove to be highly beneficial for your company. I wanted to showcase my best efficiency and skills to accomplish higher organization goals and better job positions in your organization.


    • My current job has great people. It’s more of an organization as a whole. But I go through your website and blog posts. I saw real initiatives for building an inclusive culture. That stood out to me. I am excited to work with your organization as I see that there are better opportunities for growth of career for people who want to achieve something in life.


    • I had been with the organization for a long time and wanted to experience a new environment to grow my career. Thus, I quit my job to pursue new opportunities and take a step ahead in achieving more in life. I want to work in a more structured environment. I like the potential to have big resources to achieve bigger goals. And I think your organization is just the one that could offer me an opportunity to show my abilities to perform better and attain long term targets.


    • I was working with my earlier organization in a team. My team members targeted higher gains for the organization which was achieved within the stipulated time frame. Now I want to work with a bigger team where the goals are yet higher. When I saw your offer, I was sure to take this opportunity to work with a bigger company with a larger team and diversified business. I consider that working with your company would help me learn new things and bring out higher performance outcomes which will help me in taking my career to new heights.

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