5 Tips for Job Search during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting a lot of people, and every part of the economy. Be it losing jobs or financial crisis; people are facing the worst in the pandemic situation.

Also, there are a lot of people who are looking for job opportunities. Today we share tips for people who are looking for jobs in the COVID-19 pandemic situation:

how to prepare for a remote job interview

Coronavirus and job search

Learn how to get noticed with an updated curriculum vita, update CV to job boards and input keywords in the cover letter.

Tips for Job Search During Covid-19

Apply for the Old Job and Check the Likelihood of Getting Hired Back Again in the Organization Once Situation in Business & Markets are Normal

If a person is temporarily laid off from a job, they can apply for that old job again. They can reach out to the employer and ask about the likelihood of being hired back once business returns to normal. They can also ask for updates about job availability. If there’s a chance that the employer wants the specific person back and they like work, then “applying” for the old job is a good step. It is essential to make an email pitch to the employer highlighting the skills and traits that suited the role.

They should also mention the contributions to the organizations they made when earlier they were in office.

Get Noticed with an Updated Curriculum Vita, Update CV to Job Boards and Input Keywords in the Cover Letter

COVID-19 pandemic has spread uncertainty among everyone! The ones who have been recently laid off should be prepared for the possibility that they won’t get the old job back. As such, to make a new start, they should keep the following things in mind:

  • Update CV and profile and optimize them with keywords that are most suited to the search engines.
  • Post the CV across all job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.
  • Customize the applications to portray the seriousness about the job search
  • Turn to friends and connections for help in for help and tap their network.

Also, once the job seeker gets a good idea of the jobs available that would be a good fit for them, they should narrow the search by looking for more specific job titles. They can filter the job search on the search results page of the job site by using Advanced Search and put the refine keywords.

Be Open to New Roles, Responsibilities and Update Yourself with Newer Skills and Talents learning from Available Online Courses

A person should regularly update skills and always be ready to take on new roles or industries where there will be more responsibilities and better opportunities. The present isolation is a good one to learn a new skill through an online course or training webinar. One of the best things would be to learn new skills or enhance existing talents.

Have an Optimistic mindset and Be Positive About Getting Recruited and Finding a New Job Opportunity

The pandemic scenario has brought testing times, and people should always be optimistic and think positively about their job search. Though some companies have stopped or slowed down hiring, there are still organizations and industries which are hiring. Sectors like government, biotech, pharmaceuticals, health care and nonprofits have increased their hiring capacity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, most of the companies are hiring for remote positions and timely in-person opportunities on a regional basis.

Anticipate delays in Hiring Process, be patient and follow up with Organizations about Recruitment Processes

As organizations are working remotely, the in-person interviews would be on hold, or the interviews may be held virtually. Job seekers should look for alternatives to face-to-face interviews, and conduct mock interviews to prepare themselves for the actual one. They should also anticipate delays in the hiring process because of delay in interviews.  Follow up with the employers and organizations about the next step in the hiring process. This would make the employers know that the candidate is interested in the job role and would initiate further processes. It is necessary to follow up regularly and politely and ask about the next steps.

The most crucial thing to do in the COVID-19 pandemic is to keep faith and perseverance. The businesses would be back to normal soon, and hardworking people will be rewarded once the market is back.


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