The cost of recruiting and training new employees can be cut down if your corporate culture is developed to reduce employee turnover. It’s not all about creating unique employee benefits or building successful teams. In fact, the effect of employee turnover would be more if the employees with little interest in the office are the most productive – a huge potential threat to productivity. They simply leave in a short while to pose cost on recruitment while also leaving a huge dent in your reliability.

Promoting the welfare of employees and supporting a standard work environment are always a win-win for employers while they both play major roles on how to reduce employee turnover. But that's not all the HR strategies required to reduce employee turnover. Integrating the personalities of your employees with that of your company describes any ultimate campaign to reduce employee turnover. Below are five (5) effective ways to reduce employee turnover.

1) Recruit the right employees

Your ability to reduce employee turnover begins with the vision and career path recognized by the employee. You must recruit candidates who are comfortable with your work environment, desire to acquire skills in your office and recognize your company as a path of their dream. You would be hiring out of your requirements if you hire the best candidate that does not like your work environment. Consider taking potential candidates around the company during interviews to help their decision about your company before starting the job.

2) Offer competitive salaries and benefits

Employers must consider that their employees want to take care of bills and do not desire to owe debts or live below standards. Adopting competitive salaries and the right compensation plan for employees help them to remain at work. It gives them job satisfaction and reduces chances of looking elsewhere for the same position.

3) Provide training and coaching

Know that every employee wants to grow, if not promotion, skills. Companies that welcome coaching, promotion and employee development have more chance to reduce employee turnover. It does not only motivate the employees but give them a sense of belonging while helping them to see a future where they are better.

4) Recognize efforts

Recognizing hard work is not only a means to motivate employees without spending a dime but also one of the strategies of retaining employees and in building a successful team. Recognizing efforts also help the employees to understand that they are growing in the company, note that they are being valued and to help them see an accomplishment – that they are making a success.

5) Encourage flexible work schedule

While this is not supported by some establishments, it's a proven method of how to reduce employee turnover. Allowing employees to perform their duties at their time is a notable employee retention strategy as it allows them to achieve a work-life balance. It's important to understand that employees have a life aside from discharging the office duties. Employees that perform their duties at their time will not easily welcome ideas of getting another job where they may have restrictions or loose complete freedom to their personal lives.

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