The reasons why employees quit may be ambiguous to explain, we have seen great employees quit because they are moving out of the country, starting up their own firms, changing careers and host of other tough reasons which employers cannot tame. But a survey by an employee engagement firm, TINYPulse suggests that managerial factors are fundamental and significant to the reasons why employees leave.

Below are 5 top reasons why employees quit on our list.

1) Lack of Recognition

Employees feel they are not progressing or making any success if they are not recognized at work. Managers that fail to recognize efforts are not only promoting the reasons why employees quit but missing out on the ways to build successful teams. Employees should not be allowed to feel they are unimportant or doing the most insignificant job. No matter the employee's benefits and fortunes, they feel unsuccessful and tend to find somewhere they would feel important. Recognition doesn't always mean bonuses, there are ways to motivate employees without spending a dime; saying thank you requires only a breath.

2) Lack of job training

Employees who feel the challenge is over at their workplace are most likely to leave. Employees seek continual development and a path to build their careers. Job training helps employees to discover paths they can follow to grow. It's one of the effective ways of reducing employee’s turnover as it motivates them to remain at work.

3) Lack of Trust

Employers that are always breaking promises are not doing any good to provide stability. Lack of trust yields a thousand reasons why employees leave. When employees are used to cheating clients and deceive stakeholders, they simply know there's no future. Also, employees with lack trust among themselves are always expecting a big failure in the future, that's a good reason to quit instead of being part of the future.

4) Poor relationship at work

Poor relationship with supervisors and colleagues can leave employees isolated with a feeling they are always seen as the reason why there's a mishap. Aside from duties and salaries, employees want to a flowing relationship at work. Managers who want to treat employees like they are not worthy to have a casual conversation with them are doing no good. It's a message that they need to find somewhere else. Promoting good relationship at your workplace is one of the most effective tools to retain employees. Some employees are afraid of transfers or leaving their offices because they don't want the emotions of leaving their acquaintances.

5) Excess workload and dumb work policies

Dealing with employee burnout is essential even as you pile all duties for them. At some point, it may feel like they are being exploited by the office. When the workload is accompanied by dumb HR policies, employees feel frustrated, even great employees quit because of such pressure. There are more reasons to quit when employees can't get the flexibility to establish a fair work-life.

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  1. Beth

    Good points. I think this starts with hiring the right people and setting the right expectations. If a new hire has broken expectations from the disconnect between what you offer in a job description and the reality in the workplace environment, the longevity won’t be there. Likewise, you need to find people that want to work towards a common goal with your company.


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