5 Warning Signs Your Boss is a Bully

Bullying at workplace occurs more often than we assume. And almost every employee with a bullying boss suffers the condition without any help. Because most work policies will always refer them to the HR – to be treated as an internal affair. How about individuals working at the HR departments? Reports from Workplace Bullying Institute show that at least one-third of the American employees are bullied at work.

Who is a bullying boss?

A bullying boss is a supervisor that works really hard to steal your identity as an employee. Most times we fail to differentiate between strict and a bullying boss. Apart from the emotional instability experienced if your boss is a bully, other damages include loss of confident, burnout, depression, and more. You may also experience self-blame for not realizing that your boss is a bully.

Keeping track of the signs of a bullying boss will help you to recognize when to take blames at work, how to respond when bullied while also allowing you to have a credible performance evaluation. We have compiled five (5) signs of a bullying boss to help you recognize when your boss is a bully.

Abuse you verbally

One of the signs of a bullying boss is his efforts to humiliate you any chance he gets, mostly in front of other employees. Bullying bosses will constantly use every opportunity to get on your nerves, sometimes with offensive jokes, unfair criticism or snide remarks. Consider your boss a bully if he or she constantly ridicule and berate you.

Intrudes your privacy

Most employees experiencing bullying bosses are always trying to be alone or isolated from their bosses to stay away from potential attacks. This may force the boss into spying them. If your boss is always trying to get information about you by listening to your private conversations, opening your office mails and going as far as checking on your office materials or personal belongings, he is likely a bully. A bullying boss knows that your privacy is the best place to find what to use against you.

Always questioning your commitment

Consider dealing with a bully if your normal working hours are not always enough. You are always required to put in your personal time to have a very little recognition and if your boss is always belittling your ideas and opinion openly or in private.

Hinders your success

Whether you have a chance of leaving your department for another due to promotion or not, a bullying boss will find it difficult to provide appraisals that would lead to your success or promotion. You may also get punished for mistakes you didn’t make, be deprived of information about important meetings or projects and delaying your projects to make you look like a failure.

Creates Uncertainty and isolate you

Your boss is a bully if you are always unsure of how to satisfy your boss or the next step to take because you don’t get feedback from him, if your boss is always excluding you from company outing, always fix important meetings when you are likely not to be available or make important decisions when you are not at the office. You may also be constantly ignored in projects you are supposed to play a major role if you are dealing with a bully supervisor.

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