5 Ways CEOs Can Increase Employee Engagement

CEOs are the prime leaders running an organization, and it is their responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of the departments and communicate with the employees. However, most leaders falsely believe that it is upon only the HR to communicate with the employees. 

The executive team too, and especially the CEO also has an active role in engaging with the employees and know the people supporting and running their business.  Today we share some of the effective ways that the CEO can implement to ensure a smooth working scenario and increase employee engagement in the organization.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement By CEO

How CEOs Can Increase Employee Engagement

Share the Vision

Many employees of an organization remain unaware of its vision. It is the role of the CEO to deliver the vision and mission of the company and make the employees more connected to it and encourage them to achieve that vision objective. The CEO and primarily, the C-suite should interact with the employees and ensure they are giving their best to fulfil the vision. Also, if the employees understand and believe in the company’s vision, their trust in the leadership to increases.

Embrace Change

The CEO should keep their employees informed about changes in the organization. New changes and updates behind closed doors create a negative impact on the employees if they get the information from outside. According to research, employees prefer to be informed of any changes in the organization through the CEO directly. Be it good or bad news; they prefer to get it from an influential person of leadership in the office. In the case of bad news, sharing it with the employees directly by the CEO in a transparent manner increases the credibility in the employee’s eyes.

Interact with Employees Regularly

The CEO needs to interact with the employees regularly. Visit plants, offices or stores to connect with the employees and business associates. This increases employee engagement and makes the subordinates connect to the company well. Interacting with employees on a one-on-one basis is an excellent way of building trust. Employees always look forward to working with people who make an effort to know and understand them better. 

Encourage Employee Input

Employees are at the frontline of interaction between an organization and the outside world. They have the required information about the dealings that can give an insight into the impact of the company. As such, it is essential to take feedback from employees for schemes and initiatives in the market. Also, the CEO should encourage to suggest new ideas or enquire about the company and its dealings. This will help in boosting employee engagement levels and also provide new material for both the CEO and employees. One should also ask the employees for suggestions when meeting them in person.

Shun Rigidness

Employees follow the footsteps of a good leader. History has shown that good and great leaders have a multitude of followers who went into their footsteps to follow the ideals of the leader. The CEO should try to connect with employees beyond the framework of the organization. This will create loyalty and trust within the employees.

Following these ideal steps will lead to a substantial increase in employee engagement and the trust of employees in the leadership and the organization.

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