5 Ways Leaders Can Positively Influence Their Staff

Employees deserve special attention from their employers. But it’s sad that many leaders are more concerned about respect in their positions even though it’s something that should be earned. Leaders earn respect through day-to-day engagement and are exposed to positively influencing their staff. Leaders are able to improve how their employees view them when they are able to roll their sleeves and help with the dirty work, being attentive listener, appreciative of employees’ special performance or contribution, patient, and being grateful for every milestone achieved by the entire teams. There are five ways leaders can positively influence their staff and also earn respect from their staff.

1. Establish standard for work ethic

A consistent work ethic standard must not be compromised by any leader as it’s crucial in setting the standard employees must adopt or work with. You must show your employees how reliable and trustworthy you are to lead by example. Leaders must define employees’ performance standard by constantly demonstrating strong worth ethic, not through classes or seminars. False promises must be far from qualities entertained by leaders, including individuals who make false promises.

 2. You must be able to take risks and accept when you are wrong

Taking risks and admitting when you are wrong are essential attributes of influential leaders. Business involves risks and you can never be right at all time. Influential leaders are bold enough to change ideas and to make decisions that will make the business competitive. They not afraid to keep business operations moving smoothly by making drastic measure and are not defensive about their bad decisions, they take the credits.

3. Help Others Succeed

Influential leaders think about others as they think about themselves for promotion, they are concerned about management expertise and training that will improve workforce and open doors for promotion. Their staff with total commitment comes first in their success plan. These leaders are more concerned about how their employees can attain their full potentials by sharing every knowledge and wisdom that can help to put their employees at the frontline of success. They can put their reputation on the line sometimes to ensure that the employees succeed.

4. Establish a workplace with a positive executive presence

Leaders can leave a long-lasting impression when they are respected by their peers. These leaders make their presence felt at the workplace. They are able to help those around them to feel valued and appreciated through positive executive presence. This can be achieved by being genuine in everything you do. A positive executive presence helps the employees to be more constructive and open to the right appraisal. This attribute positively influence the employees and the entire company, leaving a long-lasting impact.

5. Give credit where credit is due

Recognizing and rewarding employees for quality performance, without biasing leave the employees highly positive. Bad leaders earn all the credits. Success is achieved through teamwork and no leader deserves all the credit. Proper distribution of praise enhances innovation and encourages the employees to generate new ideas and unique ways of approaching their work challenges. Influential leaders call it a duty to give credit where it is due.

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