Whenever the discussion of jotting down the key mantra of a company’s success arises, a number of leadership skills are stated which would help guide the company towards progress. However efficient the leader might be, he alone cannot run the company. The real essence of any organization is the employees who contribute to its progress. Often leaders concentrate on the numbers instead of thinking of ways to build a productive workforce. If an employee feels that his dedication is of no value, he might walk out of the organization and give his services to another company who value him. This can be one of the factors that lead to the downfall of the company. Therefore it is extremely important to retain employees that contribute to the company’s success.

How to retain employees in these simple ways

1.     Make your employees feel valuable

The first step to making sure your employee is happy at the workplace is by making him feel valued. It is necessary to treat the workforce as an asset for the company as they are the ones who do the groundwork. The ideology of simply doing one’s job and leaving keeps the company stagnant. To move forward, it is important to strive to give your best. In order to promote such a work pattern, the company must cherish the contribution by each employee. This will make him feel that he plays an important role if the company progresses. This will motivate him to give his best so that his hard work is appreciated. After all, who does not like a few words of appreciation?

2.     Non-monetary rewards

Usually, leaders believe in promoting those employees that prove their worth and provide them monetary increment. This works to quite an extent but if the employee doesn’t enjoy his work, he will start looking for job replacements. This is what we have to stop them from doing. To do so, offer them rewards according to their emotional needs instead of financial ones. This will show that you care about them as an individual and not just someone who comes to the office to do the job. Offer movie vouchers or be generous when it comes to casual leaves. Even a pat on the shoulder or a post-it note appreciating their work makes a difference.

Retain employees

It is extremely important to retain employees that contribute to the company’s success.

3.     Point out their contribution in the company’s goals

There are times when an employee keeps doing his job but he’s unaware of how will his efficiency make a difference to the company. This state of oblivion obstructs in improving the work quality as the employee feels that he is heading nowhere. This is why it is important for the leader to give the employee an insight about how his job role makes a difference in the company’s progress.

4.     Make room for new opportunities and opinions

We have often heard that change is the only constant. This is quite relevant when it comes to progress as if we don’t adapt to changes or offer room for them, there is a very little chance that we will be able to progress as an organization. For this to happen, the company must provide ample of opportunities so that the employee can unleash his true potential and put it to use. Also, the leader must lend an ear to all kinds of opinions the employee comes up with. Who knows when a Eureka idea might strike him which could change the progress report of the company for the better.

5.     Criticize the employee in a polite manner

Being a leader, it is your job to point out any mistakes made by your team members or correct them. Even though you have the authority to do so, it is important to make sure that you don’t take undue advantage of it. It is essential to deal with pointing out the negatives in an employee in a tactful manner. Doing this in front of an audience or in a loud tone is offensive and also humiliating. Such an incident can hamper the confidence of that individual. Whenever the need arises to do so, do it politely by telling him how he can rectify his mistake. Also, avoid doing so within an earshot of people around.

When you understand the needs of your employee and act accordingly, his level of dedication for the company automatically increases. Thus if an employee needs a sabbatical to take some time off work for personal space, be considerate about it. Understand your workforce plays a major role when one aims to retain employees.

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  1. Robin Joseph

    When an employer understands his employees and acts accordingly, his/her level of dedication increases automatically. Therefore, if you want to retain your potential workforce, the most important thing you need is ‘Understand them’.


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