6 Books Every Human Resources Professional Should Read

The field of Human Resource is ever-changing, and it is essential for HR to keep themselves updated and abreast of the changes. As such, to keep them updated on every information today, we brought human resources books which should be a must-have for every HR professional.

The list includes both study books as well as popular HR books. These books would give an updated and in-depth understanding of Human Resources practices.

Human Resources Books

Human Resource Management, By Gary Dessler

This book is a 700-page HR bible and is one of the most read books in HR management. The latest edition no. 15, was released in the year 2016. The book covers every aspect of the HR field with a practical and step-by-step guide of the aspects of HR. The book covers five departments- recruitment, placement & talent management, training & development, compensation, and employee relations.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Book

HR from the Outside In Six Competencies for the Future of Human Resources, By Dave Ulrich, Jon Younger, Wayne Brockbank, Mike Ulrich

In this HR professional book, Ulrich and co-writers give information on the critical competencies of the modern HR professional. The book covers detailed information about various aspects of the field. It states that an HR practitioner should be a credible activist, both for the employee and the business. The book is a well-researched text for HR professionals.

HR from the outside in

HR Book


The HR Scorecard, By Brian Becker, Mark Huselid, Dave Ulrich

This is one of the oldest and timeless books available for an HR professional. In this book, the writers explain how people, strategies, and performance can be linked together. Interlinking HR activities with the organizational strategies and measuring workforce impact doesn’t come easily to HR. However, when done both these are done well and interlinked, it gives the HR added power to quantify the workforce. 

The HR Scorecard

Book for Human Resources

Victory through Organization, By Dave Ulrich, David Kryscynski, Wayne Brockbank, Mike Ulrich

In this book, the writers give a closer and detailed introspection on the HR functions. The research conducted for the book is based solely on HR competency study with 30,000+ HR professionals, business leaders, and associates. The book gives each detail an HR professional needs to know about how HR can add the optimum value. The book is not only a useful guide for HR and employees, but also organizations, business, investors/owners, communities, and line managers as a whole. Though it is not a fun text to read, it is undoubtedly one of the best books an HR professional can own.

Victory through Organization

Books for HR

Predictive HR Analytics: Mastering the HR Metric, By Kirsten & Martin Edwards

This book acts as explicit reading material for HR analytics classes. The book dives into the metrics and analytics of the HR field in terms of employee attitudes and employee turnover with the help of various case studies. The book, in short, is a good look into everything a person needs to know about HRM.

Predictive HR Analytics

Best HR Books

Investing in people: Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives by KirsWayne Cascio, John Boudreau

In this book, Cascio and Boudreau take a structured and data-driven approach to give solutions to problems in HR. The book was initially published in 2008 and took n in-depth approach into the strategic HR measurement and strategies. The book is somewhat technical and explains the foundations of robust measurement in HR. It also explores several case studies to give additional information on each HR aspect. This book is a must-have for every HR professional as it is highly valuable for professionals who are tasked with HR measurement or other quantitative challenges in the field.

Investing in people

Human Resources Books

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