6 Great Jobs for People Over 50

The pandemic hasn’t been kind of the American workforce. It’s the older professionals in particular who have suffered the most due to workforce reductions since March 2020. Finding a job for people over 50 in Covid times remains challenging for a number of reasons. For one, age discrimination can make certain positions and fielders tough to break into for people over 50. Additionally, there are fewer positions available the higher up the ladder you climb.

Jobs for People Over 50

Older job seekers shouldn’t fret – there are plenty of options available that provide meaningful work. If you are planning to enter the workforce or make a career switch in your 50’s, here are a few suggestions:

jobs for people over 50

Writer/ editor

$20-$200 per hour

If you always weave imaginary stories around events and like to play around with words, you can try your hand at creative writing or script writing.

There are opportunities galore for writing copy for websites, blogs, and ad copywriting. All you need is a little facility with words, networking, and building a portfolio of work, and you can earn a decent income right from home.

An editor requires some more training, impeccable grammar and good knowledge of the language you are editing in. With that, a good reading habit is handy. It is an acquired skill and one can join a part-time or short duration course to pick up the nuances and basic rules.

It is a learned skill and gets better with practice

Retail manager

National average salary: $48,281 per year

Retail managers are responsible for overseeing a store or branch that sells any product. Their duties involve hiring employees, setting shift schedules, administrative duties, including overseeing inventory, the store’s upkeep, customer care/service, etc.

Any administrative experience or handling of an office or staff and sales experience is an added advantage.

Real Estate Agent

National average salary: $88,499 per year

Real estate agents assist clients with buying, selling and renting property. One can work independently or with a real estate firm. Duties include making a listing of all available houses/apartments or offices in your designated area of operation or tailored to the needs of your potential clientele.

Real estate agents also arrange open houses and accompany clients to viewings and prepare purchase offers. 

To become a real estate agent, one has to complete a real estate pre-licensing course and pass a state-issued licensing exam. Real estate agents also have to pass a background check.


National average salary: $21.45 per hour

Teaching online has become very popular nowadays. There is a great demand for language teachers, especially English, and there are platforms where one can register or freelance even.

One is generally required to help students with some extra tutoring, coach with assignments and homework. Tutors can work with a variety of school ages, including teens and young adults in or about to go into college.

Having some teaching experience, a college degree and familiarity with the subject you teach is helpful. Some positions may also require credentials from the National Tutoring Association, the American Tutoring Association or a similar organization.

Medical Information Technician

Average salary: $40,350 yearly

Medical information technicians keep medical records and health information and organize data electronically. They work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing care facilities, and more.

There are one year certificate programs that one needs to complete to gain entry into the profession. The job also requires computer skills. Some knowledge of keeping administrative bookkeeping is helpful.


Average salary: $21/hr

If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can get a master’s in therapy in one year. You can find employment in Non-government organizations, schools or corporate offices. Mental health and well-being is a growing concern and organizations are eager to have qualified counselors on board.

If you are adventurous and entrepreneurial, you can become an Uber driver. Other openings for the older generation are – guest relationship manager in the hospitality industry, facility manager, or financial consultant.

Ageism is a barrier if you are seeking a job in a company or organization, but there are myriad jobs that are better suited to someone with experience. 

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