6 Strategies for Becoming a Great CEO

Ideally, every CEO wants a world where his employees are inspired daily to be at work. But that may be too fictitious to imagine, even with some efforts. Many businesses are being strangled by a blend of toxic workplace culture, indifference, selfishness and political paranoia. Hence, all viable strategies on how to become a great CEO must find a path to navigate these challenges alongside other business stability threats.

Below are 6 strategies on how to become a great CEO, from successful CEOs. They represent the most important strategy from each expert for becoming a great CEO: building and leading your team to peak performance.

Inspire the ordinary to become extraordinary

Becoming a great CEO means the success of those around you and that may begin with your uncoachable employees. With most dream jobs very far from reality, some of the major challenge faced by employees includes indifference, burnout or under-appreciation. And the most widely accepted business approach is for managers to develop expectations used in measuring employees’ performance.

More decisions in today’s business approach are made at the bottom for a more effective accountability. Hence, to become a successful CEO, you must influence more and not control.

Establish huge goals

Effective CEOs do not only use their vision to inspire others, they regularly help their team to focus better on the most impactful tasks. You must set (realistic) huge goals as standards to motivate and inspire your team. You are also required to develop a plan on how to achieve these goals. Employees are more likely to give in extra commitments if your established goal is something monumental.

Have genuine support for feedback

Helpful suggestions are important factors for growth in every business. You must not criticize or respond negatively to any idea. Neither would you segregate the roles with the right to present ideas. To promote employee voice, you can engage your team in brainstorming sessions, where you would be exposed to learn about various ideas for improving your services.

Delegate tasks according to employee strength

Employee’s role should go beyond the job description, it should cut across their strengths and what they love and enjoy doing. Employees are able to hit their maximum potential feeling happy when their responsibilities are aligned with their strengths. To become a successful CEO, your corporate vision, mission and culture must remain core values in every task that must attract employees in order to bring in and culture the right employees.

Support your employees to unlock their ‘zone of genius.’

Employees deliver game-changing results when they focus and work in their “zone of genius”. Yes, the focus is worth more than intelligence in today’s business environment. You can only align employees’ capacities to their capacity to enable then focus on their individual area of genius.

The core job of effective leaders is to ensure that their employees spend most of their time engaged in their zones of genius. How do you ascertain an employee’s preferred area? You should achieve part of this by asking questions such as “what would I spend my time doing if I could only work for two hours?” This question should provide answers on skill sets your employees may concentrate on to achieve their true potentials.

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