6 Unique Jobs for Foodies To Savor Your Love for Food

If you are a hardcore foodie who wants to live around spices and a variety of cuisine all the time, then you can definitely relate to this. Every foodie has once in their lifetime had a dream of having a food related job. Wouldn’t it be really great if you get paid to do what you love? Well, if you are someone for whom food is the answer to 90 percent of the questions then one of the following jobs for foodies is awaiting you.

Jobs for Foodies

A chef, a nutritionist, a food show presenter or a food photographer are not the only best jobs for food lovers. Yes, we agree that even though such jobs are cliché they are fun. Especially for those who want to remain around food for the entire time. But there are many more interesting jobs for foodies that will tempt you to join the food industry at the earliest. The best part about a job in the food industry is that for most of the times you don’t require a special degree. Even if you do, studying for something you love will be like a cake-walk. Ah…a cake-walk reminds us of the most creative food job-

Cake decorator / Baker

Decorating cakes with art and creativity is the perfect choice if you want a unique job. You can either work for a bakery or start your own business. As a baker you don’t just create cakes, you create dreams. And as a decorator you don’t just decorate the cake, you decorate those dreams; made of love, happiness, and smiles.


Becoming a caterer is one of the best jobs for foodies if you are the one who loves cooking for others. To get into this field if you don’t have a proper license or a kitchen facility, start from the base. You can either start working for a big caterer or start your own business at a very low scale. If all goes well, you can even earn the position of a catering head in the future.

When you choose this job, two things are definite. One that its one of the best jobs for food lovers. Secondly, who decides what to eat in a party, get-to-gather or any function? You my friend, you!

Food blogger / Columnist / Vlogger

Now this is a great career for those who are passionate about food and even knows the technicalities of recipes. As a food blogger or columnist you can serve the recipes of various dishes to your audience at regular intervals. If you do not know or do not want to jot the recipes down, you can even become a Vlogger. It is not really necessary to know how to cook in this career. But if you do know, it is obviously an added advantage.

Restaurant / Food Critic

From the list of the best jobs for foodies, this is one job that requires skill, expertise, and a vastpool of knowledge. As a restaurant or food critic you need to have an understanding of many aspects apart from food. The way food is garnished, the way a restaurant is set, the way food is served, table manners, you need to be well aware about each and every aspect.

Cookbook Author

If you are someone who has an ocean-deep knowledge of recipes from various destinations and various cuisines, jot it down. This will not only earn you money but respect also. And sharing food (even if it’s just recipes) is after all not a bad idea, right? We all were once in our lifetimes taught that sharing is caring, weren’t we?

Food Truck Owner

So what if you don’t have the budget to open a restaurant? Buy/hire a truck, decorate it, add the necessary equipments, and viola! Your own food truck! Serving some yummy, mouth-watering, sumptuous dishes on the streets is at times even better than owning an indoor restaurant, what say?

Jobs as tempting as the food you love… Which is the one you will opt for?

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