7 Acceptable Reasons for Leaving a Job

There may be many reasons for leaving a job, and we explain some of them in this article. Whether you have decided to move on or you are tired of your current job, you should have a good reason for leaving a job. 

Many employees face difficulties in their careers and they need to consider all of the aspects when they leave their jobs. From the family issues to the relocation reasons, you should consider all of the circumstances. 

reason for leaving a job

Why do you want to leave a job?

Reason for leaving job example

Here we present examples of the reasons for leaving a job, and these examples are based on the most common cases and statistics that apply in these situations. You can find the most popular reasons below. 

  • Difficult work environment

Your bosses and coworkers can make your working environment challenging. You can struggle to have a positive environment and this might be one of the reasons to leave. 

  • Hours and schedules

When your working hours at work are not good, you can seek new opportunities. Sometimes, the schedule is too demanding, and you may find the hours very difficult to manage. This is the situation when you should leave your current job. 

  • Career change

You may want to change the industry that you are in, or you can move to a different position. A career change is a legit reason to leave your current job, and this decision can bring you many benefits. You can move up or down the career ladder, and this option is always a good one. 

  • Going back to school

Your current employment may not be a good option if you want to go back to school. There must be something that you need to change. The school schedule can be part-time or full-time, depending on your choice. No matter the schedule, you must combine the new job requirements with your school obligations. 

  • Illness

Personal or family illnesses can be a legitimate reason to leave a job. You may need to cope with an illness that affects your wellbeing, and this is something to consider as a relevant excuse to leave the current job. You may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave during the illness. 

  • Relocation

If you plan to change your place of living, you need to quit your job unless the company moves to a new location or you are able to work remotely. You can ask your boss to work remotely before you quit the job, or you can search for telecommuting opportunities. 

  • You found a new job

This is one of the most obvious reasons to leave a job. If you have found a new job, you should give notice to the current employer that you are leaving. 

There are also the worst reasons among the common reasons for resignation. These reasons may include:

  1. It was a bad company to work for. This is one of the worst reasons because you should acknowledge the real reasons for leaving a job. If a company was bad, you should have left much earlier. 
  2. I was bored at work. This is also not a good reason for leaving the job because it shows that you are clearly not satisfied with the current position. 
  3. I did not like the schedule. You should have discussed the schedule with your employer before leaving the job. 
  4. I did not like my co-workers. This is also not a good reason to tell the current employer. 

Now you can choose your best reason for leaving a job and move on further in your career. Make sure that you have other options before leaving the current job and be aware of the consequences. Leaving a job is a major event in your career, and you should be aware of the factors that come with this decision. 

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