7 Amazing Employee Wellness Ideas to Boost Morale

Find out what employee wellness ideas you can implement to ensure your employees have a safer, productive return to work.

Employee wellbeing isn’t a new concept, but it has taken on a whole new meaning since the Covid-19 pandemic. Employee wellness initiatives are now higher up on the agenda — particularly mental well-being activities and programs — as more employers closely scrutinize how effectively they look after their employees.

With many people returning to work full- or part-time, it’s critical that companies get expert advice on how to help employees return to work safely and put in place effective employee wellness activities and programs.

Implementing employee wellness ideas for various activities and programs is a crucial part of any employee value proposition (EVP) strategy in a post-Covid world. A simple pep talk on the benefits of wellbeing may not be enough to motivate your employees. You should be consistent and make an effort to lower cases of burnout and stress within the workplace.

employee wellness program ideas

According to Inc., for every $1 spent on employee wellbeing, employers can expect a $5.81 return on investment. Employee wellness ideas have a specific aim in addition to boosting employee health:

  • Boost employee morale
  • Reduce absenteeism and increase staff retention
    Lower employee healthcare costs
  • Enhance the work-life balance

Your employees will be grateful for helping them take small steps toward their health goals using various employee wellbeing activities for the workplace.

Employee Wellness Ideas: Which ones have you implemented already?

Are you just starting out with employee wellness? Then you’ve come to the right spot since we’re going to talk about the best employee wellness program ideas for a happy workplace.

Yoga classes 

Yoga is something that many people love doing in their spare time. You’ll be surprised at how many employees want to practice yoga after work or during breaks if you turn your conference room into a yoga studio. Yoga is a stress-relieving activity that relaxes all of the muscles. You should hold yoga classes for all employees who are interested in participating in this exercise.


Naps are an important tool for productivity at big tech companies like Google and Uber. A calm mind and body will keep you energized all day. Let your employees recharge their batteries by installing nap pods at work.

Research suggests that a power nap can help restore alertness and learning ability. According to NASA, a 40-minute power nap is an effective tool against fatigue of flight crews and helps with problem-solving and focus. 

Wellness challenges 

You can organize wellness challenges that will make your workers more active during their time at work. They can drink more water, swim after office, or eat healthier meals. The workers who win the challenge can qualify for the prizes. 

Assistant programs for employees 

Employees who need assistance in their fitness and wellness goals can get help from the experts. You can hire a wellness assistant who will guide your employees in their goals toward healthier choices. The program can include better activities, healthier foods, and a more active lifestyle. 

Massage therapists 

Massage therapists are very popular in Google offices across the United States. There are more than 35 massage therapists that provide massages to the employees. This could be one of the most effective employee wellness ideas for the workplace. Your workers will feel more energized and more relaxed after a good massage. 


Many companies encourage their workers to cycle to work instead of using cars. Cycling is a healthy activity and it can be very effective in reducing weight and health problems. Your muscles are in action when you cycle, and your mental well-being is at its peak due to the release of endorphins. 

Smoking cessation programs 

One of the worst aspects of an employee’s lifestyle is smoking. A lot of companies aim to limit the number of smokers on their payrolls since these employees cost them more in terms of health insurance. Smokers face several health issues, which is why businesses establish smoking cessation programs to encourage their employees to quit smoking altogether. This is also one of the best wellbeing ideas for remote workers who want to break this bad habit. 

So now is the time to update your employee wellness activities and programs to help your employees adjust to the new normal.

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