7 Encouraging ‘Women in the Workplace’ Statistics

Women are making changes like never before. We can prove this with the women in the workplace statistics. Even though most women still struggle with work and aren’t appreciated as they should be, changes are still taking place gradually. We advise that you keep doing what you are doing because you are doing perfectly well. 

The bias against women globally is what every woman is fighting against. When it comes to the workplace, it’s another bigger issue as most women are treated unfairly for no good reason. Notwithstanding, women’s progress in the workplace has been really impressive, and it proves that we can do way better. We will be sharing some of our most encouraging working women’s statistics and we hope it encourages you too. 

Did you know facts about women in the workplace?

We will never know how far we have come unless we share our experiences. These facts about women in the workplace have proven that women are better in the job market than in their kitchens alone. 

Fact 1: Women enjoy their jobs

It has been proven that women love and enjoy doing their jobs no matter what they face. Women find joy in doing their work and do it excellently well. Women in the workplace statistics show that 75% of self-employed women love their job. 

Fact 2: Women hold board seats

Women are not employees alone. They now occupy high positions in different companies and are handling those positions very well. Working women statistics show that 14.6% of board chairs belong to women in the workplace.

women in the workplace statistics

Fact 3: Women occupy the job market

Women are gradually being seen all over the industries in the world. Statistics show that 57% of women in the U.S. participate in the job market. 

Fact 4: Women want to participate more

Women do not want to sit idly and do nothing. Instead, most women prefer to ask for what tasks or projects they could take part in and how they could go about it. Women in the workplace statistics show that 69% of women are willing to ask to take part in a task while 67% are ready to take on tasks that are new to them.

Fact 5: Women request raises

Most employees shy away from asking their employers for an increase in their salary, even when they know what their skill set has to offer. Working women’s statistics show that 31% of women are not afraid to ask for raises and they do so. 

Fact 6: Women work hard

Women are very hardworking and do whatever they have to do excellently well. Mothers are at the top of this list because they work really hard and do their work perfectly well. Women in the workplace statistics show that 75% of women with kids under 18 years old are in the workforce doing perfectly well. 

Fact 7: Women want more

More women are constantly searching for opportunities that can test them to be better. They are doing well at their current jobs but are looking for something more competitive to boost their growth. Working women’s statistics show that 70% of women are actively searching for new opportunities. 

What percentage of women work in the workplace?

It will surprise you that women’s progress in the workplace is growing constantly. Women are more open to who they are and what they have to offer. 

Statistics show that 47.7% of women work in the workplace globally. This means that more women are taking the bold step of getting jobs around the world. Canada was reported to have the largest female workforce, with about 61.3% of women having jobs. 


All the women in the workplace statistics prove that women are making major changes to the workplace globally. It hasn’t always been this way, and we are proud of how far we have come. 

Diana Coker
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