7 Ways to Make Friends at Work : Coworker Friendship

A workplace can be hectic scenario- lots of responsibilities, targets, managers and the bunch of busy coworkers around. It can overwhelm and both frustrating. However, it can turn into an enjoyable scenario by connecting with coworkers on a friendly level and making friends at work. Having friends at workplace is important as they assist and help the person fit in a workplace and can be teammates outside the workstation.

friends at work

Friendship At Work

Friendship At Work


Indulge in Small Talk

Always connect with coworkers amidst work and make small talks. Take advantage of the little downtime you get and spend that with friendly colleagues in the kitchen, before a hectic meeting, or at the water dispenser. Talk with them about anything under the sun- their experience at work, their schedules or even their evening plans! Small talk is very helpful to create a bonding. 

Eat Lunch Away from Desk

Food is a good way to connect with people and more so at the workplace. Meet and connect with friendly colleagues over lunch, set a common place for having lunch, and gather for food. It is also a good excuse of an actual break.  One can also bring in new delicacies and food for friends at work to connect well.

Go for Coffee or Drinks

Offer coffee to a co-worker after work or when free. This is a friendly gesture to gel well with colleagues and develop the bond. One can also offer to grabbing drinks or food after office which will be a good friendly bonding gesture. The casual environment of the café or the hangout place will also open up the conversation to non-work topics and keep help to keep the stress and work pressure off the mind. 

Create a common Interest Group

Create a common interest group in the organization like a company football club or a movie club to gel on similar interests. One can also create a book club among the friendly colleagues- books are a love for anyone! One can also create a common chat room where everyone can connect on suitable topics or indulge in a conversation to chill out in breaks at work.  

Offer to Help

Offer a helping hand to colleagues at work. It’ll also give you the chance to connect and meet other people. 

Greet Colleagues

Always greet people in workplace when you enter the space. Greetings like “hello” or “good night” with colleagues is a good and easy way to be friendly at work. Whenever you pass your colleagues, always smile or say ‘hi’; avoid putting your head down and be silent. 

Have a Friendly Approach

Always be cordial in the workplace. Avoid sitting with head down without interacting with people, texting on the phone or being on the phone at all times or plugging in headphones. These will make you aloof and unapproachable. You should look welcoming for the colleagues to approach and develop friendships with you.  Always be yourself and be friendly to everyone.

Friendships at work go a long way to make a workplace an enjoyable scene. With all hectic scenarios in a workplace and the hours spent in the office all day, workplace friendships make the workplace and job great. 

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