73 Creative Job Titles in Corporate America

A job title says a lot about a person, his creativity, and his attitude towards the job. It is a description of an employee's duties and role in the position. Though every field uses similar terms, there is a slight variation in terms of corporate structures. In the present world of fierce competition for jobs and employment opportunities, creative job titles go a long way to attract the attention of employers and companies. Playful and creative job titles are opted by leading companies and organizations to make their workplace and the jobs more enjoyable. This also energizes the office environment and creates a willingness to work and come to the office regularly.

most creative job titles in corporate americaCompanies and organizations regularly change the job titles of their employees as they get promotions and rise levels higher. This is a form of giving remarkable recognition to an outstanding employee or a worker. The change in job titles also lets companies know a person's value and essence from a recruitment viewpoint.

Most Creative Job Titles Ever (They’re also meaningless)

Some of the most creative job titles that have emerged in the recent years across the recruitment boards include the following: (the innovative, original title and their traditional versions included too)

  1. Vice President of Misc. Stuff (Multi-tasker)
  2. Genius (as the Service Technician)
  3. Head of First Impressions (Receptionist)
  4. Sous Chef (Product development Head)
  5. Resinator (Leader of Packaging Team)
  6. Arts & Crafts Designer
  7. Director of Ethical Hacking (Hacker)
  8. Master of Disaster (Disaster Management Lead)
  9. Project Meanie (Coordinator)
  10. Crayon Evangelist (Graphic Designer)
  11. Catalyst (Office Manager)
  12. Creator of Opportunities (Business Development Lead)
  13. Ambassador of Buzz (Communication Head)
  14. Digital Prophet (Trend Analyst)
  15. Chief curator (Item Curator)
  16. Head of Global Trends & Futuring (A Progressive Strategist)
  17. Chief Cheerleader (CEO)
  18. Chief Amazement Officer (Founder)
  19. President and TeaEO (CEO)
  20. Chief Troublemaker (CEO)
  21. Chief people officer (HR Officer)
  22. Culture operations manager (HR Officer)
  23. Chief robot whisperer (A job title apt for the Robotic Industry)
  24. Director of Bean-Counting (Head Accountant)
  25. Software Ninjaneer (Software Developer)
  26. Digital Overlord (Website Developer)
  27. Director of Storytelling (Social Media Analyst)
  28. Money Maestro (Accounts Manager)
  29. Wizard of Light-bulb Instants (Marketing Director)
  30. Beverage Dissemination Head (Bartender)
  31. Retail Jedi (Store Assistant)
  32. Chief Chatter (Call Centre Head)
  33. Animal Colourist (Graphic Designer)
  34. Problem Wrangler (Counselling Head)
  35. Digital Dynamo (Digital Marketing Head)
  36. Dream Alchemist (Creative Head)
  37. Marketing Rockstar (Marketing Head)
  38. Senior Kindle Evangelist (Kindle Manager)
  39. Chief Inspiration Officer (Operations Head)
  40. Part-Time Czar (Assistant Manager)
  41. Associate Vice President
  42. Patron Saint of Academic Studying
  43. Personalized Care Associate (Assistant)
  44. Cheese Sprayer (Popcorn Maker)
  45. Oyster Floater (Oyster Handler)
  46. Grand Master of Underlings (Deputy Manager)
  47. Creativity Analyst (Associate Marketing Manager)
  48. Accounting Ninja (Financial Manager)
  49. Sales Ninja (Sales Executive)
  50. Conversation Architect (Digital Marketing Head)
  51. Director of Fun (Marketing Head)
  52. New Media Guru (Digital Marketing Head)
  53. Initiative Officer (Planner)
  54. Corporate Magician (Magician in Trade Show)
  55. Full Stack Magician (Coder)
  56. Data Storyteller (Data Analyst)
  57. Legal Ninja (Legal Advisor)
  58. People Operations generalist (Operations Manager)
  59. Conversion Optimization Wrangler (Web Analyst)
  60. Tax Wrangler (Tax Analyst)
  61. Happiness Manager (Customer Executive)
  62. Innovation Alchemist (Strategic Analyst)
  63. People Partner (Customer Management Head)
  64. Rockstar Copywriter (Writer)
  65. Multimedia Person (Creative Directors)
  66. Audience Reacher (Digital Marketing Manager)
  67. Indentured Rockstar (Assistant Manager)
  68. Grammar Fascist (Copywriter)
  69. Aspiring Novelist (Content Writer)
  70. Chief Happiness Slayer (Executive Head)
  71. Number Harlot (Accounts Manager)
  72. Monitor Hoarder (IT Head)
  73. Chief Thought Eradicator (Social Media Analyst)

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